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The Best Kept Secret Is Now Revealed!The Prophet and The DeaconWe first met the pathetic alcoholic womanizer Lawrence Garnier, in the exciting novel, The Rogue Prophet. There, in the restroom of the Church of Advancing Light, he recalled the horrific events that cost him everything that meant anything to him as he rose from obscurity to national fame. The Prophet Garnier blames all of his woes on his true, yet flawed, God-given gift of foresight. If only he couldve seen his own future, maybe he couldve avoided all of the loss he suffered, as well as the misguidance of the evil Bishop Barnes. When he finally exited that church restroom, he stepped out of the figurative frying pan straight into a blazing inferno. He never saw the past plagues that ruined his life, and he doesnt see the hell thats coming. He underestimated his greatest foe to date . . . Deacon Stone. For the satisfied reader, The Rogue Prophet raised questions, its sequel, The Prophet and The Deacon delivers in a powerful, frightening, and totally entertaining way.Lawrence the Prophet, Mitchell and his wife Rachel, Angela and her son Julius, Debbie and her sister Doreen, Maria, Thelma and Virginia.Who Did It? Who Survives? Who Dies?You wanted answers. Prepare yourself.If you have not read the first novel. Do yourself a favor and get THE ROGUE PROPHET and read it first. Experience the same anticipated thrills that several thousand readers are enjoying with this series. To those readers who have already read the first book, strap yourself in for the thrill ride of your reading life.

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