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Who would have thought a tip from a coworker about a hot fishing spot would throw havoc into the lives of two fishermen? Bill and Steve worked their way through the brush to the fishing spot they were told about. Before they headed home both had developed a rash on their faces.Bill's wife, Jill, wasn't too overly concerned about the rash. She was a nurse and suggested he put lotion on it. When it got worse she promised to check with the doctors at the hospital where she worked. Bill received a call in the middle of the night from Jake, the guy who had alerted them about the hot spot. He was incoherent and babbling on about the rash before the connection was lost. The next day Bill watched the news in horror as the ambulance workers who went to take Jake to the hospital were ripped to shreds and Jake was missing.To make matters worse, Steve disappeared after talking to Bill.Would they both go mad or could a cure be found in time?This story will keep you on edge until the startling finish. But be warned, after reading it you may not feel comfortable walking in heavy brush again.

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