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The town of Greenwood had always enjoyed a placid, yet somewhat boring existence, being a haven for both nature enthusiasts and for its residence who wish to live a peaceful life. Tristan Cain however dreams of something bigger; to have a unique and exciting life. Little does he know that you have to be careful for what you wish for. Tristan thinks of himself as fairly normal; He has friends, needs to focus on his final exams and also deal with the reality of what it means to be a boyfriend, but there has always been something a little odd about him, and lately things seemed to be getting weirder. It started as a feeling of unease, but soon Tristan notices some strange men in town and there is an alarming increase in oddities around the town. Peculiarities in both his appearance and unnatural abilities, leads Tristan to believe that he is in fact not normal, and what’s worse, he seems to be the target of interest for the strange men, who Tristan believes are not what they seem. Reluctantly he accepts the help of his guardian and finds himself being pulled into the world of the supernatural, against his will, as he comes to suspect that he himself is not what he seems.

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