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In Life, An Ordinary Boy, In Death, A Living Skeleton Destined to Upheave the World The protagonist of our story, set in New York City is Phillip Carelli. His life was cut short when, at only 19, he is shot down in the street. The police are unable to find a motive for his murder or uncover a single lead to the hooded figure who shot him. When Phillip’s aunt Eleanor, an internationally renowned biologist, and researcher, is notified of his death she moves quickly to have his body shipped to her lab deep in the Amazon Rainforest. Driven by her love for her nephew and a need to understand the very nature of “Life” she renews a line of experimentation she had sworn an oath as a young scientist to abandon. Though she is keenly aware of both the dangers and the consequences she works tirelessly to perfect the procedure. When she is convinced that the process will work, she sets aside her fears and uses it to resurrect her nephew. But he is no longer the boy she raised. She has changed him into a living skeleton. As Phillip overcomes the shock of what has happened to him and works to gain control over his new form, he begins to develop a plan to make good use of his powers. Over his aunt’s objections, he returns to New York and tracks down his first love, Joan-Mary Frazier. He recruits her and her current lover, an older professor named Tony Seppilli, to help him execute his plan. Things become complicated when Alida Sibley, a former research partner of Eleanor Carelli, learns of Phillip’s existence and sets a plan in motion to destroy him and exact revenge on Eleanor. As the founder of an “alternative” clinic recognized as a leader in the treatment of rare psychological disorders, Alida Sibley has been secretly experimenting on some of her more dangerous patients. Rather than curing them, she has used her considerable skill to move them so deep into their classic paranoia that little remains of their humanity. Christopher Kier doesn’t think he is a Vampire, he is a Vampire. Ready to feast on anyone who dares to cross him. Little remains of the man his family knew as John Marchione. He is now an animal. A Werewolf, without conscience or compassion. Dan Carnahan, consumed by an ancient desire to survive beyond the grave, has become the living manifestation of a Mummy. Believing he can extend his own life by ripping it away from others. “Killing Machines” at the beckon call of their Master: Dr. Alida Sibley. Through every twist and turn a showdown is coming. And once again, the Observation Deck of the Empire State Building will be the stage of an epic battle.

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