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“The Spook House” is a very mystic horror story. On the road leading north from Manchester, in eastern Kentucky, to Booneville, twenty miles away, stood, in 1862, a wooden plantation house of a somewhat better quality than most of the dwellings in that region. The house was destroyed and neighbors found in the building and fence an abundant supply of fuel, of which they availed themselves without hesitation, openly and by daylight. By daylight alone; after nightfall no human being except passing strangers ever went near the place. There was a myth that ghosts lived there. The family of seven people who lived in the house suddenly disappeared leaving everything they had in the house. One night two citizens of Frankfort, Col. J. C. McArdle, a lawyer, and Judge Myron Veigh, of the State Militia, were driving from Booneville to Manchester. They had a very important business so they could drive all night long but the lightning storm happened. They had to stop somewhere and eventually they arrived opposite the “Spook House”. When they knocked the door no one answered so they entered the house. The door was opened and it was so quiet inside that McArdle decided to open the door again to listen to the thunder and prove that he didn’t become deaf. But when he opened the door which they entered the house there was no street but another room where McArdle found about 8 dead bodies.

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