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Jarrod moves with his family to Alaska where he and his new friend, Carl, decide to explore the old house that his father’s company owns.  While searching the attic, the two boys discover an old wooden chest and pry it open. Inside is a treasure unlike any that Jarrod has ever seen… an army of wooden soldiers.  With animalistic features, the army resembles a demonic horde, one that terrifies Carl because he knows the history of the house… or at least the stories that have been passed down through the years. Over a hundred years before a witch had lived in the house. As the town threatened to destroy her, she created an unholy alliance with Satan, bringing forth a legion of demons to protect her. The witch and the creatures that served her disappeared, but many whispered that she would one day return.  Carl, believing that these soldiers were not toys but the witch’s army, urges Jarrod to put them back in the trunk. When he refuses and begins to play with his new toys all hell is loosed. But the witch’s army isn’t the only supernatural presence in the house. Christmas is around the corner and as the witch prepares to make her entrance back into the world, another army prepares to battle for Jarrod’s soul.  

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