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Its a terrible thing loneliness is.Tawne Delaney: A woman filled with the hatred of herself and what shes not... Never touched by a man, never loved, until one night in the woods... Tawne watches as a womans body is crammed into a drain pipe... A crooked and broken beast beckons to Tawne and passes on his gift to her. Is it the ultimate power or the cruelest joke?Arcan Tyler: A man tormented by the memories of an insane mother and haunted by the ghosts of a dozen women not yet dead... Struggling with the rage of three beasts, controlled, for now...Once friends and co-workers, Tawne and Arcan now unite as lovers... Along with each others body, they share each others secrets: Arcan, his beasts; Tawne, her power... Is it the love of dreams or the sheer terror of a nightmare come to life?Whoever said undeath was "The Nightmare Beautiful" was a lying son-of-a-bitch.

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