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John Booker is dead. Or is he death? Faded, washed up late night TV host, drug addict, sex fiend, John Booker is bored to death. He wakes up one morning believing he is the king of the dead. Drug induced psychosis? Or something much scarier? Is he really falling through different realities? Is he really turning into the King of the Dead? Can he really see the sins and the secret desires, the hidden truths that lie in the hearts of all men? Told backwards through an email he sends to his partner in crime, the deviant, addict and tortured woman, Helena Huntington-Dale.A new party drug has hit the streets, Tuesday Suicide; more euphoric than smack, more demonic than Ice and Speed; the ultimate drug, aggressive sexual potency, almost super-human strength, demonic and satanic hallucinationsA mass murderer confesses his crimes, his sins. Is his confession the last ruse of a desperate man? Or his final act, before he must pay for his deeds, an act of love and protection for the one who loves the most? Join John Booker as he takes you on a ride of his lifetime.

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