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New Paranormal Romance  Fifty Shades of Impossible  Tasked with saving the vampire race, Ginger finds herself  in a strange predicament - she doesn't remember who she  is and is unaware of her vampiric powers.  If that doesn't complicate matters, throw in a hot and  sexy boy, who might not be from planet earth with jealous high school girls in the mix, and you have definite trouble.  It isn't long before Ginger is craving more than just blood  from this good looking morsel, putting her entire mission  in peril.  Can Ginger save her kind and keep her craving of the flesh  under control at the same time?  Excerpt Copyright © 2013 by Jessica Snow  She gasped for air, as the laughter consumed her. She doubled over, her stomach contracting in and out. After several minutes, the mirth fled, leaving her with an aching tummy. Elise suddenly was aware of how silent it was. A chill ran up down her spine, as she noticed her surroundings for the first time.  The back of the parlor was poorly lit. The trash bins were out beyond the employee parking spaces, against a brick fence that separated the residential neighborhood. The moon's white, light flooded the parking lot, giving it a spooky aura.  And that silence. It felt like that silence in horror movies that usually preceded something awful. Shivering and very afraid, Elise walked briskly to the trash cans. Struggling, she pulled up one of the heavy lids and tossed the trash inside.  Just as she was about to make a quick dash back inside, she froze as she heard a sound one would never hope to hear when one was spooked; a low guttural growl. Slowly turning in terror, her blood froze at the sight before her. It was a silver wolf standing there. It looked hungry—very hungry.  

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