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An Action Horror from the Get Go! This Supernatural Thriller Crime-Drama novel is set in South Africa Modern day! This will keep you on the edge of your seat right to the end! with lots of Suspense and intrigue sure to please.A South African Urban Legend has it that the White South African Lion of the Timbavati is actually the 'Guardian of the Jungle'a Rare Sub-Species Big Bad White Lion!!! a White Magic Beast! For Whoever tries to hunt it may receive the terrible soul transference curse! of the WHITE LION if they survive the encounter at all! The tables are turned on an expert Big Game hunter, Victor DeBeers. Known as the Flying Dutchman. When women start to turn up in grisly finds in the Big Apple, A beautiful and motivated FBI investigator gets involved! Investigator Ramirez wants and needs to find out the truth about the horrifying murders and the secret about Victor before it is too late.

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