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The assassin known as Fer-de-lance lies in wait for his victim to appear on the back porch of the isolated Vermont resort. He scans the area through a high powered sniper’s scope and witnesses the terrifying transformation of a man into a monstrous beast. As the creature devours its victim the assassin aligns crosshairs over its head. He pulls the trigger, beginning a cat and mouse chase across three continents to end a curse that has endured for seven centuries. Ivalyo Chilikov, a Bulgarian baron, cursed for seven centuries, is challenged by the assassin who knows the secret behind the ancient werewolf’s bloody history. Stephen Prower, one of the most feared assassins in the world, will use all his skill resources to challenge the centuries old werewolf. Federal agent Alicia Raines tracks down the assassin and places herself between two murderous forces. Not only endangering her career and life, but throwing her heart into the fire of a love doomed for eternity. From the mountains of the northeast United States to the mountains of Bulgaria and from the heart of London to the mountains of South America, the triangle culminates in a bloody confrontation of good and evil. Blood will be spent under the Wolfsbane Moon.

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