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Two sister left home as a young girls but they haven't since each other over 5years. Only talk to each other on the phone. And they both have a story to tell. What they both been up too? Gail had to come back home because her boyfriend (Derrick) got herself into trouble with the law. And Linda home because of her father in up the hospital. And while Linda visiting she didn't have any idea she would run into her first boyfriends (Paul) in her home church. Who been waiting all these years hoping he can reunited with her. Now she having second thought if Paul would have been the one. But she never gave him chance to prove is his self. All she wanted to do leave town soon as finished school. Thinking she will have a better life. But she end up moving to (Indiana). And Paul didn't won't to go with her. But he want to stay in his hometown (Alabama) start a family. But she fall in love with Jerome. Who he gave her everything she wanted the beautiful house she always dream of and be buy her a black BMW for her birthday love. Jerome thought if he work harder and long hour on the job. If will please Linda. But he really did it to show off. But he forget she only wanted to feel love and appreciate. And Gail end up with a man he don't know what he wanted be with the family or his trouble maker friend. Now Gail lost everything hoping Derrick will get his life on track. And he just lost his job because of friend (Ben) lie on him. Told the boss that he stolen some tools from the shop they both work at. But Gail tried to warn him that Ben is nothing but a trouble maker. Derrick didn't wanted to hear it. Thinking Gail was jealous of his friend because he spent most of his time with him. Instead of with her and the kids Now he in jail for something he didn't do. So Gail have no choice but come back home live with her mother. But she didn't won't no one know the real reasoning why she back home. Linda friend Lori also got problems too. With husband (Jerry). He so cheap hate spend money. But only things that he want to buy especially on lobby tickets. Thinking someday he going to be rich. While Lori have fuss ad auger to get something for the household and the children. They so badly need another car but Jerry refused. Just pouring money into the old car needed much work done to it. And it always break down. Lori fed up with this cheap man. Thinking about taking the kids leave him. If don't hurry up change his way. Let us see what going to happen this story. If these men dont change their way the women going to leave them.

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2017
    • Ano:  2018
    • País de Produção: United States
    • Código de Barras:  2020101159207
    • ISBN:  9781546205418

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