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    The premise behind The Angel Babies .X. DOME is that I wanted to ask myself, what does heaven beyond the pearly gates really actually look like? And from then on, I wanted to explore this theme or theory from there, which was for me was to take on thus minds imaginary subjective journey through and beyond the steps of the pearly gates and into the realms of heaven itself, if only for us to examine and to explore this unfamiliar territory that is the kingdom of heaven that I dare say is often presented to us through the narrative of scholars, who have always portrayed or even suggested to us as to what view or should insightful understanding should be held and taught upon such a topical subject, whether it be from the view point of Armageddon or the apocalypse or even the book of Revelations. As it has always somehow religiously been depicted from a biblical and theological perspective, that once we arrive upon that fateful day at the gates of heaven, that somehow we are all found to be awaiting some profound trial or judgment to take place if only for some sentence to be passed upon us, based upon our previous deeds or actions on how we have lived our lives accordingly for such judgments to be made, for us to be deemed to live among the damned or the redeemed, or persecuted or liberated for our free will of expression. And yet, much before we have gained any reasonable access as to whether we should be permitted to go any further into these realms of heaven or not, then is it not quite surreal to suggest that somehow we are to stand in line, quietly queuing to find out if we are to be turned around and somehow denied any entry at all, or if we should somehow be sent to the regions of hell for a punishment, for our previous deeds or sins, or even sentenced to the abyss for our misguided choices in life. For is it not in our favor to see and to know that this very idea and notion in our own principal thinking and in engaging in our own understanding and analysis that if we attempt to find the truth behind the fiction, if only for us to seek and to know and to learn the answers to such profound questions as these, that through this prism of our own intuitive and deductive reasoning that once we have been permitted or have arrived and gotten beyond these pearly gates and entered therein into paradise, or upon becoming face-to-face with God and becoming reunited with our loved ones, that if we are to meet with our fate and judgment accordingly, then is it not a befitting challenge to consider all of these things, in actually asking ourselves, what does heaven actually look like? Although even in this truth and reality, none of us can really say for sure or certain of what form or shape heaven may truly take, as we cannot be so sure or certain of what it is that exactly take place, if anything at all, at such a lifetime-defining moment, but it would be nice to know more about it if that was the case, dont you think?

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      • Ano de Edição: 2016
      • Ano:  2018
      • País de Produção: Canada
      • Código de Barras:  2020101194451
      • ISBN:  9781524666606

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