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    The Cupola (Mafia High Commission) sanctions the execution of a disgraced Capo. He becomes aware of his fate and fears his days are numbered. In order to secure a financial future for himself he plans a bullion heist. It would be suicide to stay, so he decides to flee Italy and settle in Argentina. By various means the serial numbers of the bank vault are obtained. More than thirty million dollars worth of Bullion are stolen from the Italian Reserve bank in Milan. The Bullion is hidden away in readiness for its transfer out of the country, to be sold abroad. Without the Capos famiglia the operation to steal, hide and transport the bullion would have been impossible. Coercion, persuasion, family love and honour are employed, even though the association would endanger their lives. In London a ruthless businessman, becomes aware of a promising crude oil strike in an African country ruled by a corrupt president. He has his own agenda. He plans to overthrow the president in order to liberate the people, with his reward being to gain control of the countrys oil. Funds are needed to equip and hire mercenaries to affect a coup. He hears of the bullion heist, the proceeds of which would suit his cause admirably. He is determined to pursue the possibilities. With the help of his employees and effective intelligence, discovers the whereabouts of the heists instigators and the bullion. By subterfuge he plants a mole to monitor the movement of the gold, with the hope of relieving the perpetrator of his ill-gotten gains. A group of tourists, with their own human stories, and need for adventure, unwittingly get involved. They become entwined in the activities of Mafia, criminals and law enforcers. Relying heavily on each other for comfort and support, they manage tasks none would have imagined could ever have been asked of them. This trip provides far more adventure than could ever have possibly been planned. Africa becomes the epicentre for much activity. Mercenaries have to be hired, plans formulated, and finalised for a coup. South Africa being relatively cosmopolitan and civilised finds itself as a recruiting office and staging post for the activities to come. Central Africa brings challenges from culture, superstition, terrain but also the magic, which is ever present on this continent. The bullion is taken on numerous journeys. Touching the lives of many people; willing, unwilling, corrupt, innocent, with and without knowledge. The movements and people involved span three continents, from as far away as Southern England to Cape Town in South Africa. Using various modes of transport, including an ill fated sea voyage, a trek across savannah, the bullion is transported out of Italy and into Africa. From differing backgrounds, with their dreams, aspirations, agendas, countries, superstitions and cultures, the main characters involved with the bullion, cross paths, in central Africa. They are all effected by the heist, romance blossoms, loyalties change. The outcome being against all expectations. The bullion causes a trail of greed, power lust, corruption, death, bravery and benevolence.

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      • Ano de Edição: 2012
      • Ano:  2018
      • País de Produção: Canada
      • Código de Barras:  2020100078295
      • ISBN:  9781469141343

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