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As if groggily rising from some drunken stupor, the whole universe was waking to reality, shaking off its former illusions of complacency and indifference. The realization of who the oldest child had really become was beginning to sink in. To publicly attempt the destruction of an innocent mind for no reason other than selfish desire had pushed their limits of tolerance beyond the breaking point. No honest person could find an excuse for Asotos? actions. There was no longer any defense for the man?s violence committed against his brothers and sisters. A new energy filled the hearts of Lowenah?s children. War was coming. And if Asotos was not defeated, everyone surviving would be enslaved for as long as the universe remained. Freedom would disappear forever. Preventing such a thing from happening rested on their shoulders. The fate of all future history and all past life lay in their hands. The tempest was only beginning to boil up. Few could see what it would engulf before exhausting itself upon a ruined land. And a ruined land it was to be?millions of lives snuffed out with countless cities buried in smoldering rubble. Yet it was going to happen, causing those involved to release a collective sigh, for the day had come at last. Most had never lifted a hand in anger against another, and now they were prepared to kill or be killed. Billions were gathering to this coming day of slaughter, one that was to make the Great War appear as though but a small skirmish. Their waiting in suspense was over. Now duty begged them on to whatever destiny awaited them. A blood moon was rising - an omen of a savage, sanguine struggle leading to the obliteration of either the Children?s Empire or the League of Brothers. So unfolds Book III of ?The Chronicles of Heaven?s War: Blood Moon Rising?, as the epic tale of mankind?s history is further revealed...that which has been hid in secrecy for millennia now coming to light. Follow those who stand as our silent sentinels as they engage in all-out warfare to eradicate evil from their Realm as well as ours, fighting to pave the way for lasting peace, where love and freedom will reign supreme.

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001084291146
    • ISBN:  9781310783982

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