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It’s the year 2125, and the human world has had its mega-crises.  Just about everything that could go wrong, did.  Billions of humans perished in the human-caused cataclysms.Despite the Upheavals, humanity made it.  From the excess of waste, the shock of dysfunction and the fog of denial, humanity moved into new ways of working with each other and working with the Earth.We made it… but HOW? That’s the question that the world’s governing body, the “Culture Council”, sets out to answer from the year 2125. They gather what’s available: 100 years of surviving recordings, transcripts, newspaper clippings, book excerpts, leaflets, advertisements… the Chronicles of the times.Each chapter of the series tells a story and also reveals a value or challenge that all of humanity faced during the transformation.  Book One Synopsis:  “The Chronicles of the Upheavals” [2015-2035][100% complete.  Approximately 100,000 words]The “Upheavals” starts at 2025, with the rescue of a street kid and his learning of the ways and values of one Awakening Center.  Through his interactions with his fellow novices and his superiors, he learns to accept the mission of the Awakening Centers in providing a realistic pathway through the Upheavals.A key to the path forward lies in returning to an intimate connection to “All That Is”.  Ending “The Age of Waste” means a fundamental shift in human consciousness and behavior.  There are no separations.  The way forward involves a true awakening… an opening to ways of being beyond the individual, as the novices awaken the “holonic mind” and access abilities undreamt-of by the majority of people in North America.The Awakening Centers faced many challenges – from starving people trying to steal food to brain-dead politicians needing scapegoats to blame (and finding them). The Awakening Centers can deal with starving people and gun-toting vigilantes.  However, they soon run into a formidable adversary, one they can neither predict nor control… one that could spell their doom. How do you stop an enemy that always seems one step ahead of you… when your only tools are nonviolence and inclusivity?An “Anti-Synopsis”:  What is NOT in the Book Series:From the outset, I posed a “reality” framework for the series:•No rescues or interventions by space aliens.•No miraculous technological “fixes” that alleviate the conditions of the Upheavals.•No conditions or resources that don’t exist at present on Earth.•No zombies, ghosts, disembodied apparitions or anything else that will distract from the tasks at hand.•No “divine” interventions (no rescues by the Second Coming of Jesus, the manifestation of the Hidden Mahdi, the reincarnation of the Buddha…)•[Most important:]  No “denials”.  Global climate change IS HAPPENING NOW.  Oil and other energy sources ARE finite.  Social, political, economic and cultural structures ARE collapsing.  Deal with it…•[Equally important:] Given all of the above, a positive future for ALL BEINGS must be promoted… not spending trillions of dollars so a handful of humans can try to live on another planet, while this one goes down the tubes.Posing these challenges means that “Chronicles” and the two other books in the series are truly unique in the panoply of sameness that constitutes current “future histories”.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001033762567
    • ISBN:  9781310735240

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