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EXCERPT:  "When we were kids, we really believed in magic. I believed. We pretended all the time, we talked to each other across the yard into our arm freckles like they were transmitters. Walkies. We imagined tin cans and string could do the same. We thought a kiss with a dream boy could make a 70s soundtrack start and we’d be transformed; blossom as airbrush-haired and bright-eyed as Olivia Newton-John, the queen of all things. With the flattest of stomachs. Never looking ridiculous in disco pants. Ruining us for reality.         Oh, how we spun til we got dizzy, our arms swinging free, wannabe Wonder Women everywhere, woefully unprepared but learning something about balance, about wildness, about head rushes. About personal space and velocity. But we always collapsed, too. Into soft grass. Turning, we’d see our friend, mirroring back at us. We thought that was life. That was life, then."   INTRODUCTION / ABSTRACT I am so pleased to be able to share the news of my first collection of fiction, The Cure for Homesickness (stories of magical thinking, telekinesis and mapmaking) in early 2018 (date TBC) read more about it here: To preorder the eBook (March 1) please visit my author page on Kobo: A compass spins. A quest for answers in old boxes: childhood comforts/instability. Teenage "love" and losses. A culture of freedom and a disappearing innocence amid the world of a deadly predator. Mislaid goals and dreams of school revisited, despite all. Urgent needs for purpose and creativity, the unkillable spark that waited for you. The deep creativity of survivors, of mend-and-make-do. The metronome clicks of your five-speed getting you away to a little cliff spot you pretended was yours alone (as worn-in as the ground was). Your ride accompanied by the best music, on a Walkman, music that helped us but sound-tracked our unexpected darkness(es). The young bright minds and the bodies going from plastic, elastic to baked, rigid, bent. Nostalgia. Ephemera. Collage. Scrapbook pages. A story of a girl. Readers of my prior work (as co-founder & co-editor of STEP ON Magazine and DISARM Magazine:, will enjoy a different side of my writing, a long-percolating, unique, coming-of-age collection, which represents an exploration of nine years of writing through personal sea changes. To read about the book in progress: To join the mailing for occasional news, where to buy the print edition, or to request a copy for review: email me at The print edition links to buy and release date to be announced soon. Softcover approximately 200 pages in full colour.  There will be a special print edition keepsake box version with extra art work and collectibles which will be limited to 100 copies worldwide. A personal note and strange trinkets will accompany each box. Thank you for visiting and for your support of my first book, truly, madly, deeply!  Jacqueline      

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    • Ano de Edição: 2018
    • Ano:  2018
    • País de Produção: Brazil
    • Código de Barras:  2001121771983
    • ISBN:  9781775205418

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