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Come read The Do-Dirt Doctrine's Series (4 in 1 box set). This is a promotional set of the first 4 books in the series: ALL IS FAIR, BORN TO CONQUER, AND BLONDIE'S RETRIBUTION.  Get on this collector's set now.  ALL IS FAIR-- Think pimping is glamorous? Think again! Pimping aint easy! In fact, its outright dangerous. Python-pimping is full-time pistol pitted occupation. A trick baby receives the "it" treatment by his very own mother. He's rejected from his very inception. Watch as the victim becomes the victimizer, as the prey becomes the predator. This undesired trick baby morphed into a python-pimp. A street breed of pimp that only the most violent and volatile environments can create. Ride or Die with C-Note as he imposes his death doctrine. BORN TO CONQUER Some predators are created by their environments while others are born at birth. This young predator was groomed by his overprotective yet street-stricken mother to expect absolute servitude from any woman who wanted to be in his life. Either these women would earn the privilege of his presence or inherit the agony of his absence. In fact, Silky's mouthy mother indoctrinated him with her version of The Do-Dirt Doctrine. It is largely due to his very own mother that he believes that he is BORN TO CONQUER and colonize one mind and body at a time. Making each and every woman literally pay for privilege of being in his divine presence lest they suffer the wrath of his absence. Silky on comes to pimp and conquer. BLONDIE'S RETRIBUTION Silky and C-Note both have illustrated the pitfalls of pimping but pimps are merely the administrators of sexual commerce. If you really want to dive into the dark side of prostitution, it’s time to get a firsthand account from a practitioner of the sex trade. Contrary to belief—whores lives matter.  Jackie, better known in the beloved red light district as Blondie, is a troubled young runaway and single mom turned prostitute. However, she’s more than just some cock-sucking lust-making creature, she’s a mother, a survivor, a dreamer, and most of all a fighter. Blondie has lost her pimp and once he is out of the picture, her sister-whores turn on her and kick her out of The Rip and Dip, a popular after-hour brothel. Blondie is deeply emotionally scarred due to a childhood riddled with sexual abuse and she is desperately searching for security and true love. Blondie befriends an unlikely cohort named Roxie. Roxie, a drag quean, liberates Blondie and exposes her to the self-supportive and self-defensive mindset of a renegade hoe. Nonetheless, it comes at a huge cost—Roxie got entangled with an elite secret underground sexual slave hub and ends up seeing two gruesome cop murders. The murderers are searching for Roxy to make sure that he takes what he has witnessed to the grave with him. Simultaneously, Blondie’s son is kidnapped in the process. They build an unlikely yet strong bond.  Get a uncut whore's perspective like never before.  RUNAWAY CHILD Also read how Blondie takes Tanna under her wing. In RUNAWAY CHILD. As Tanna gets tired of the turmoil of being brutally raped by her father, who is a corrupt cop. Tanna gets a tour of the ghetto bound grind. Tanna quickly learns about the grey areas of so-called "good" people versus "bad" people in society.  FUTURE SERIES OF THE DO-DIRT DOCTRINE: IN THE MIND OF A KINGPIN, THE-X, THUG-LUST, BLOOD MONEY!, AND THE WILD, THE WICKED, AND THE WEAK

Detalhes do Produto

    • Formato:  ePub
    • Subtítulo:  THE DO-DIRT DOCTRINE SERIES, #4
    • Origem:  IMPORTADO
    • Editora: KOBO EDITIONS
    • Assunto: Literatura Internacional
    • Idioma: INGLÊS
    • Ano de Edição: 2018
    • Ano:  2018
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2020102658679
    • ISBN:  9781386643784

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