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War. Genocide. Rape. Poverty. Climate disruption. Weapons of mass destruction. Inadequate education and healthcare. Hunger. Corruption. Crime. Injustice. Inequality.Is there a common denominator underpinning these pervasive crimes?Heidi Delisle, CEO of Illumina, a technology powerhouse, believes there is. From her vantage point, testosterone is at the core of all of these issues.What was useful to evolution has become its nemesis, and the stakes have become apocryphal. Spears have become ballistic missiles. Rampant pursuits of profits are killing the earth’s climates, oceans, and all dependent species, us included. Widening wealth threatens political systems, and unbridled, male-based dogma across cultures cornerstones opposition to systematically broaching these issues with conscience, common sense, and compromise.There is a better way. For humankind to survive itself, more women must take on positions of power: from universities, to corporations, to the highest levels of government. Globally. And we are already behind the eight ball, which has a clean shot at pushing the Doomsday Clock just three more minutes to midnight. The shift to a more feminine philosophy behind the levers of power must be dramatically accelerated. Which is precisely Heidi’s plan.She has developed a line of pluripotent stem cells that can trigger in men the production of Estetrol (E4), a type of estrogen historically only produced during pregnancy. Tests have shown a remarkable shift in the male mindset, from me-first to community thinking, nuking to nurturing, controlling to collaborating, fighting to befriending. From Heidi’s perspective, this is exactly what the world needs.Aided by six other women, each with their own story to tell, The Magnificent Seven take up the absurd challenge of dosing key global leaders, culminating in the US Presidential election, as the world gyrates toward political and military destruction of cataclysmic scale.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001038406275
    • ISBN:  9780997434910

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