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Is it possible for an Irrelevant Few dissenters to battle the power that is the United States government deep within the Pentagon. Will they win? If there is a chance, how will they do it?By the year 2033, the country is in sad shape. Middle class America has disappeared. Hoards of homeless indigents roam the streets, back alleys and public parks. The homeless populations now outnumber the middle-class two to one. The crime rates have gone ballistic as a result. The parks and alley ways are packed with the dregs of society. The streets are no longer safe. Those penniless souls are an eyesore and an embarrassment to the wealthy. Something must be done! Congress struggles with solution proposals for years as the problem worsens. Then it finally acts in desperation and passes a new social Bill that is designed to solve the problem. However; a few shrewd right-wing politicians, (on orders from the Pentagon), secretly gut and alter the Bill in the eleventh hour. The 10,000 page Bill is quietly and secretly altered in ways that completely destroy its original intention. It actually becomes a government sanctioned formula for legalized slavery. It works! The new law does eliminate the embarrassing eye-sore that has become the burgeoning society of insignificant homeless. The solution is deemed a resounding success by the government controlled media. It works beautifully and the streets become safe again.As a result of the Bill that passed, the War Department deep within the Pentagon quietly becomes the benefactor of the virtual slave labor. Once in the system, those Irrelevant Few (homeless hoards) become trapped and lost within it, indefinitely. They effectively become slaves to the State with no future hope of release or escape. Our male protagonist Doug Powers, a professional thief, is a tough prisoner who is transferred from the state prison to Work Camp 13, after successfully completing his 8-year sentence. He soon realizes that he has gone from one nightmarish situation to another more Hellish one.As will happen when little people are given too much power over defenseless irrelevant masses; horrific abuses are occurring at the government sanctioned work camps all too frequently. The work camp projects taking place all over America have morphed into legalized tyrannous slave camps. Its a scenario reminiscent of Hitlers concentration camps of World War II .The work camp project is actually an elaborate ingenious design. It has been created specifically by the corrupt secret powers deep within the Pentagon of the American government. Their objective is to take advantage of the potentially cheap labor force, which they see in the erupting culture of destitute homeless. The Pentagon uses the defenseless poor as virtually free labor to help them develop their truly amazing top-secret new weapons technology, at minimal cost. The enslaved labor force has no idea what they are producing. Each does a menial assembly portion of the end product. Only a handful of classified government scientists with security clearances know the whole truth about what is being manufactured at the assembly plants.As push comes to shove, our protagonists accidentally discover those closely guarded classified secrets. They become hopelessly trapped into defending themselves. Our two heroes Doug and Amy discover that they are scheduled to be executed because they know too much. They have become too great a threat to the project. If they do not escape they will be executed within hours. So, they escape, with the help of a sympathetic guard. But they still arent safe! They know the government will eventually track them down and execute them anyway, no matter how long it takes. They have no choice but to run first. Then they must turn, fight and win or they will surely die anyway. How well equipped will our audacious Irrelevant Few dissenters be, to do battle with the Goliath that is the Pentagon in Washington DC?

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2015
    • Ano:  2015
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2000899459802
    • ISBN:  9781310778254

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