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This is my book about the lives of three people who ended their lives in a nursing home. Lilly, Stan and Muriel all had something in common. World War 11 played an integral part in all of their lives, and ultimately determined who they became.Lilly, a feisty Hungarian who as a child, experienced the horrors of war, that fed her determination to survive. Separation from her family, starvation, deadly diseases, and a prisoner in a concentration camp were only some of the challenges she faced at such a tender young age. When the war finally ended, and she was reunited with most of her family, a new chapter began. Black market dealings were the mainstay of the family until it was no longer viable. Australia offered new opportunities for her and her family, but it was not an easy road by a long shot.Stan was a proud Jew, but it didnt always work in his favour. He was born in England, but ripped away from his parents at a young age and relocated in Wales, away from the fighting. Unfortunately, it was to be the continuation of a life of depravity and abuse at the hands of his protectors and also his stepbrother, and then his peers as he grew to adulthood. His life spiraled out of control from low self esteem. Women, booze, cigarettes, and racketeering dominated his life after being discharged from the Air force. His only salvation was something he hated with a passion, but he had nowhere else to turn.Muriel, a very independent, English lady, who joined the Army and experienced life in Germany just after the war ended, but it was still volatile. and they had to be on their toes in case fighting broke out again. She loved Army life, but love eventually found her, and she married. Not long after that she demobbed, and moved to Scotland to be with her husband. They had no work there so they moved back to her hometown and settled there. It was not meant to be for her though, with tragedy striking them in the form of a stillborn baby, and then a serious car accident that nearly claimed her life. They drifted apart eventually, because he wanted children but she couldnt go through the pain of losing another one. The hotel industry became her life for a while, working in various hotels in England as a house mother., but eventually she tired of it and wanted adventure. Australia was her preferred destination. Her new life took another unexpected turn when she met the 2nd only, love of her life. They made a life together, but the road to happiness was fraught with stumbling blocks that would test the most patient of people.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001073510166
    • ISBN:  9781370934683

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