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Book Two - Metamorphosis - becomes a running commentary for the transformation of a man on a quest for the truth. Professor Michael Hart takes on a mission. He is unaware of just how vast it will be. Each time he makes it to the top of the mountain. He discovers another one hidden behind it. Even larger that the first. With an increasing level of danger at every step. Hart takes a personal time-out. From his teaching post at Elderdale high school in Orlando, Florida. He flies to Mexico. Where his own personal metamorphosis begins. He meets Dr. Paul Navarro from UCLA. Navarro suggest he take part in a shamanic ritual. After indulging in the ceremony, with the Indians of the Puebla highlands in Mexico. Hart come back to Earth, a different man. His male sexuality is reawakened. He finds his way back to the primal man, hidden beneath the layers of intellectual strata that have consumed him. His life starts over. He indulges in a romantic sexual affair with a young Mexican Indian goddess, named Fernanda. They spend three weeks together in the Bahamas. Getting to know the other side of life. Where fun and frivolity become the order of the day. The seeds of a deep spiritual bond are sown between them. On his way back home to Florida. Hart meets a second woman. Radiant flight hostess, Lois Strencke. Lois is a lonely woman. She invites him to stay at her home. Her presence in his life will take his male journey to new heights of primal virility. Months later Hart becomes the target of an FBI manhunt. A shoot to kill mission. But Hart finds he has an unlikely ally. A man inside the system. The Mayor of Orlando. Whose daughter, Penelope, is one of Hart's students at Elderdale high school. The mayor takes pity on him and gives him a 48 hour head start. And a stiff warning to get out of the country and never return. Hart goes on the run. Headed for Canada. But he suddenly remembers Navarro. He visits Lois in Tallahassee. He convinces her to run away with him to California. Dr. Navarro had suggested that Hart come to California. Where the two men might indulge in a unique study. Lois drives Hart across the South. They hide out in Las Vegas for three nights. Where Hart's skills as a mathematician win them $12,000 at the Roulette table. They make it to Navarro's home in Malibu Point. Hart becomes a guinea pig in Navarro's SDTs (Sensory deprivation tanks) at UCLA. The willing subject of experimental forays into the unknown. Under the influence of the mysterious indigenous hallucinogenic from the Puebla highlands. Navarro reveals a hidden agenda. He has been looking for a intellectual subject to indulge this unique study. A man with the IQ of Professor Michael Hart becomes the perfect Manchurian candidate. Navarro wants to know if Michael Hart can reach the same level of initiation that he himself has already attained, as a parallel universe voyager. Hart is enticed by the fact that top secret government documents can be remote-viewed. And not only that. Changes can be made to those files. By the person remote-viewing them, if they can reach certain levels of initiation. But there are hidden dangers. The revelations of their research are too bizarre to be considered real. Or are they? The answers they find in the Akashic record (the grand time library) are brutally honest. Too much for the man in the street. But they make perfect sense to Navarro and Hart. In time they discover they are being watched. By a higher order. One they will have to do battle with, to save the human race from the Armageddon.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2015
    • Ano:  2015
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2000871413501
    • ISBN:  9781483548906

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