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ISSN: 2397-9607 Issue 427 In this 427th issue of the Baba Indaba’s Children's Stories series, Baba Indaba narrates the Japanese Legend, "THE SWAN MAIDENS”. A long, long time ago, a hunter was stalking his prey in a forest near a pool. Seven graceful swans descended and landed. Instead of going to the water, they took off their cloaks of feathers and turned into six beautiful maidens. He watched while they swam and frolicked in the moonlight. He crept closer and took the feather cloak of the youngest and most beautiful. Just as dawn was beginning to break, the eldest said “We must away.” They all swam to shore, put on their cloaks, transformed into swans and flew away – except the youngest who searched high and low for her cloak. The hunter stepped forward and offered the beautiful maiden his cloak. This she took reluctantly and went home with him. Well, what happened next you ask, and what does “East of the Sun and West of the Moon have to do with the story? As you would expect in these circumstances,  many things happened. To find the answers to this question, and any others you may have, you will have to download and read this story to find out! INCLUDES LINKS TO DOWNLOAD 8 FREE STORIES Baba Indaba is a fictitious Zulu storyteller who narrates children's stories from around the world. Baba Indaba translates as "Father of Stories". BUY ANY of the BABA INDABA CHILDREN’S STORIES at 10% of the profit from the sale of this book will be donated to charities. Each issue also has a "WHERE IN THE WORLD - LOOK IT UP" section, where young readers are challenged to look up a place on a map somewhere in the world. The place, town or city is relevant to the story. HINT - use Google maps. KEYWORDS/TAGS: Baba Indaba, Children’s stories, Childrens, Folklore, Fairy, Folk, Tales, bedtime story, legends, storyteller, fables, moral tales, European, lie in wait, watch, King, imperial court, princesses, hunter, Land, West, East, Moon, Sun, seven, wife, flew, old, robe, cap, shoes, Mountain, daughter, feathers, brother, maidens, Fishes, Birds, swans, youngest, Crystal, mother, bushes, ducks, lake, daughters, swiftness, beautiful, invisible, children, happily, dolphin, sisters, started, Forest, beg, father, shoon, night, magical, Wild, dawn, sea, six, 6, 7, hide-and-seek, quarrel, wainscoting, forefinger, needlework, darkened, Wander, dispute, whistle, fishes, Bends, Glens, Moors, marry, Crane, cloak, love, trap, hide, sky

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    • Ano de Edição: 2018
    • Ano:  2018
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2020105187084
    • ISBN:  9788828319252

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