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Based on historical evidence this epic story is set in the sun-drenched, tropical Pacific, during the Bronze Age 2,500 years ago.A clash between the Malay and Javanese civilizations threaten the very existence of the small Likupang tribe.Book One unfolds the dangerous friction between the Malay Likupang tribe and a neighbouring Javanese tribe. Love and the desire for sex, family, security and status challenge the men and the women of the Likupang tribe, compelling them to change their community and develop new ideas.Book Two follows the powerful emotions of love and desire as they are unleashed. The severe tensions between the two tribes reach breaking point when passions and forces beyond their control are likely to thrust them all into devastating savagery. The Likupang tribe are driven to take drastic actions that will have unforeseen ramifications.The dramatic events of mystery, suspense, romance, pleasure, action and violent strife encompass tribal culture and beliefs, the use of bronze, the pursuit of honey hunting and the crucial role of their natural surroundings. The legend of the tribe and their adventurous land and sea journeys are based on geographical and scientific facts, plus the available historical evidence. Accounts of the natural ecology, climatic and geological features are completely realistic. Bronze implements, weapons, artifacts, boats and buildings are based on genuine examples from that time and place.Ancient tribal societies were capable of deep, sensitive, human relationships within a caring and loving family environment. Yet, tribal societies also battled with issues such as polygamy, the abduction of girls, forced marriage, abuse, intimidation and murder. An elemental reason for war among tribal societies is the struggle by the males for access to the females, and the desire of the females for suitable males who can offer love and security. This holistic novel is narrated from both male and female perspectives, weaving together the many strands of passion: yearning, lust, love, joy and sex, together with fear, loss, hate, moral conviction, rage and lethal conflict.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001070758677
    • ISBN:  9781370899173

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