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A story for all children, of all ages, It was a beautiful Friday afternoon, and John Colt had no idea what to do this weekend. He was walking down by the park, looking at people playing, fishing and just having fun. John found a seat, and sat down to look at all the people when he suddenly saw two ladies walking their pet. The amazing part was the fact that the pet was a small dragon. John stood up and walked over the the ladies. What a wonderful pet you have, he said. The two ladies looked confused at John. Can you see our pet? said one of the ladies. As clear as I can see the sun, answered John. Would you mind if I walked with your pet. No not at all sir, said one of the two. You are not supposed to see Xsandra. We are both witches, and we have put a spell on her, to be invisible for everyone. How can you see her? Oh, now I understand, I am a Wizard, and my name is John Colt, said John as he was given the leash. One of the ladies explained that they were twins and she asked if John would like to visit their home. We live only a short distance from here and we would like to invite you to our home. Their home was a mansion, and the surprised John was thinking of his two bedrooms apartment. John came to visit Julia and Jane Land several times, and at one of these occasions, he was offered a witches brew, that he drank. The following day, Julia asked if he could come to their home again for his second cup of the witches brew. Jane through a note warned John not to drink the second cup, and when Julia gave him this second cup, he with his wizard power turned it in to water before he drank the full cup. With a high laugh, Julia screamed out. Now all your powers belong to me, and you are a wizard no more. I am sorry to say that you are wrong, I turned your witches brew in to water before I drank it. Noo....screamed Julia. Looking at Jane, John asked how can I punish Julia for trying to steal my powers. I dont know, was all Jane could say. Well I liked your pet dragon, so I think Im going to turn Julia in to a small dragon, and she can be my pet. John and Jane got engage and lived together with the two dragon pets.

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001038410999
    • ISBN:  9781311837691

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