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I am an inventive genius, with 2 high-mileage biofuel vaporizing gadgets, for the internal combustion engine, and numerous ideas, but no cash. I tell the fictional story of Johnny Ethanol's 30 year endeavor, crafting one invention, after another, and achieving energy independence, for all mankind. As Johnny achieves his goal of providing the technology, needed to safely convert, from petrochemical and nuclear sources; technology that benefits us all; hunaity "goes dark," with war, terrorism, insurrection, mass destruction and devastation, and violence, as we all arrogantly disregard our fragile existence. Disclaimer, this story should not be read by the frail, insecure mind. If you want to learn how to turn an old fuel guzzling muscle car into an ultra high mileage, environmentally friendly automobile, read this story. If you want to say goodbye to heating your home with propane, mehane, or fuel oil, and replace that toxic pricy fuel with a fuel that is clean and as pure as the snow piled up at your front door, read this story. If you want to truly embrace a cleaner future for us all, as well as, end the high energy costs associated with "Big Oil," "Big Electric," and the like, read this story. I am an Indie Author, and this is the 'unproofed' first edition, of my first title. I want to take flight, and either launch and soar, or crash and burn, on my own merits. There may be a few warts; zits: or roids, mostly-Punctuation, and yes, the "red hot" wire, energizing the super eruption, of the Yellowstone Mega Caldera. Hopefully, I won't be rejected for my $60 cover photo, with "planet Earth," "outer space," and the "erupting ejecta," all purchased at Amazon .com, and the "red hot" wire, attached to a twin AAA battery pack, and the "glowing caldera," (tiny LED), both purchased at my local Radio Shack. I wrote this story to generate an influx of capital, to further my efforts, with regard to alternative energy technology. I am motivated to develop the numerous ideas that I have, that will benefit all of humanity, not to mention, our fragile biosphere, and that may be a first, in literary history. I thank you all, for reading this promo, and for those of you who choose to support me, with my endeavor, I truly appreciate your assistance. "Thank Y'all" Johnny Ethanol

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2014
    • Ano:  2015
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001121586891
    • ISBN:  9781310115998

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