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Imagine your hometown with a plethora of colours, having the most diverse people, a multitude of languages, religions, mindsets and gods. One word immediately pops up in our mind - “INDIA”. Now imagine the entire world like this – This is exactly what this novel delivers, topped with emotions and romance.Colourful, creative, fast-paced and informative are the words best describing this imaginative world where everything is meticulously planned with a masala mindset.Steve Wilson and Margaret Wilson, are an aging British couple with traditional British values, considered by most as backward in a modern British society. Their first son Greg is wayward and disorganized, much to Steve’s dismay. Greg wants to be a Kusthi champion and one day represent his country on the world stage.Daphne, the daughter of the household is 27, and is at the right age for marriage, and Margaret is searching for a suitable bride-groom for her - educated, dark skinned teetotaler, settled in Bharat perhaps?Harry is the last son, and is the brightest of the household. Still in college, he aims at pursuing higher studies in Bharat, and applies for the Tamil Language tests so he could take up the course of his liking in the south of India. He is in a relationship with a Muslim girl.Does this alternate reality have an ordinary life planned for these five people or is it going to turn it into an unexpected roller coaster ride?Set in an imaginary British village dubbed Mayfield, this book explores the lives of an ideal middle class British family, through all their happiness and heartbreaks. The Britain in this alternate world suffers from poverty, filth, corruption, stench and dishonesty, whereas India is technologically advanced and everything around the world, ranging from machines, beliefs, food, attire and architecture have an Indian flavor to it.How INDIAN has the world become? Do the British women of the "Yorkshire Biryani" wear the Bindi and decorate their hair with jasmine flowers? Do the men wear turbans and the cross- thread across their chests? Do they worship a plethora of Gods? What is the official language of the world? How has the arts and architecture developed? Has Islam taken a softer route because of the world Hindu domination? What food do the people eat? Do they drink as much tea?Meanwhile How developed is India? How colourful has it become? Is there a version of the internet? If so, what language does the internet use? Is there a Bollywood? Is there still a split between the north and the south? What does technology look like if all of them had an Indian touch to it. What is the main stream of medicine? What are the most famous sports?

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001038448213
    • ISBN:  9781370749768

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