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He had his rules, but when he met her, the game changed for good…Tatar has over 3,000 notches in his bedpost. He’s a loud-mouthed, power-hungry, strong-willed alpha with a sadist streak women can’t resist. But when his next conquest burrows her way into his heart, he’s playing a whole new game…Carmina is bored in her dull marriage. After she meets Tatar, she can’t help but start a torrid love affair. But Carmina’s not sure if she wants to submit to someone like Tatar, and surprisingly, she’s not nearly as attached as he is.Sparks fly between Tatar and Carmina, locked in a world of erotic-psychological adventure, domination and taboo. Only time will tell if their relationship can survive both bruises on soul… and body.Verses Nature Vol. 1 is a heady work of erotic literary fiction. If you like raw narration, explosive love scenes, and gripping poetic expression, then you’ll love your first taste of this mind-bending series.  Plug into a deliciously brutal world today!BOOK TWO: YOUR JOY IS YOUR OWNHe satisfied her passions, but when she wanted more, the rules of the game transformed…Carmina can’t tear herself away from Tatar’s animal magnetism. Her relationship with the charismatic sadist grows wilder every day. Despite their racy romps in the bedroom, she can’t deny her loneliness. As the love games become increasingly brutal and humiliating, Carmina considers breaking the ties that bind…Tatar has never felt anything quite like this. He fights his new emotions as he struggles for dominance with Carmina. When he starts to interfere in her divorce, even Tatar is conflicted about the outcome. Are his efforts just another move in the game, or are they a sign of his unspoken love?Their relationship may not survive the truth of their feelings, unless one of them finally decides to submit…Verses Nature Vol. 2 is a fearless addition to this steamy series. If you like boundary-crushing narration, perceptive prose, and heart-pounding sex scenes, then strap yourself in for this  wicked thrill-ride!BOOK THREE: WHEN COMPLETION COMESHe dominated her, but with help from old rivals, the power is up for grabs…Carmina regrets her decision to stay with Tatar. But when the handsome sadist displays his charming side, and sizable carnal talents, it’s almost impossible to say no. Little does she know that Tatar is coaching her soon-to-be ex-husband on how to leave her with nothing.As Tatar conspires to make her utterly dependent, Carmina is busy making plans of her own. She forms an uncertain alliance with Tatar’s live-in girlfriend, a woman who is equally aware of the depths of their lover’s depravity.Before Carmina can resolve things with Tatar, she must decide if she trusts his girlfriend to back her up. She could be a true ally… or out for revenge.Verses Nature Vol. 3 is a tantalizing continuation to this sizzling series of risqué erotic literary fiction. If you like rowdy sex scenes, visceral descriptions, and hidden deception, then you’re in for a treat in this final book in Joan Barbara Simon’s tempting series.‘Literary, astute and gifted (...) shocking, erotic, disturbing and impossible to put down (...) runs right up to the boundaries of the usually acceptable, and then rides right over them.’ (Simone Leigh, best-selling author)

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2017
    • Ano:  2017
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001113797915
    • ISBN:  9781386569701

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