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A KGB Counter Intelligence Officer is given a Directive to report to KGB HQ, Moscow, immediately!Holding the rank of Captain, he has been working for nearly ten years as a Signals and Telephone Intercepts Analysis Officer on the Australian Desk based at Valeria, an abandoned agricultural township near the Hungarian border now used as an Intercepts receiving complex.On arrival in Moscow he is to report directly to a General Chellenko, head of Counter Intelligence who informs him that he is to replace an extremely ill KGB Operative in Western Australia who is a ‘handler’ for a double agent in ASIS: Australian Secret Intelligence Service.The KGB officer has been recommended because of his previous experiences and familiarity of living in Western Australia while studying English at Murdoch University, Perth, Western Australia using a three year Exchange Student Study Visa.He will arrive in Perth, Western Australia using forged documents showing him to be a Daniel Greenaway, British Subject and computer technician on a twelve month extendable Working Holiday Visa. His real name is Vladimir Kharachev.However nothing goes as planned after the Australian Federal government orders an investigation into ASIS because it has come under suspicion of damaging and embarrassing leaks. A selected Committee with full Royal Commission investigative powers is to question ASIS personnel and look heavily at its security. While investigating, the Committee finds that top secret documents are missing and the hunt then for a very likely, double agent ‘mole’ in ASIS is taken up in earnest.The ASIS double Agent holding high ranking thought he could always safely cover his tracks, realizes with panic that sooner or later the finger will be pointed at him. He demands that the KGB help him to escape to Russia. However he becomes more erratic in his demands and threats in messages left at a ‘drop-site’. KGB HQ decides it will be in best interests of the Russian Embassy in Perth to assassinate this double agent before he gives the game away with his own unreasonable behaviour.The assassination must look like a pure accident and cannot be a professional hit. The new KGB Operative is very reluctant to perform the duty having no experience as an assassin, but knows he has no choice other than to bring disgrace to the family name. His father being, Uri Kharachev, a much decorated Five Star General and a 2nd World War Hero of Russia (Now deceased.)Later there are other even more important and highly dangerous missions he will have to perform while remaining in Australia as a free moving secret agent for the KGB and closely working with a Rudi Glashov the Intelligence Officer attached to the Russian Embassy.

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2011
    • Ano:  2015
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2000825725056
    • ISBN:  9781458195456

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