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Y3K is a look back from the future to the world’s looming social/ecological disaster – Entropy Gaia, the breakdown of all world systems – through the eyes of latter day environmental activists. It describes a world brought to its knees by indifference to the planet’s health and welfare, and the new ecotopian world that develops out of its ashes.Y3K provides a periscope into the future through the eyes of one who spent five years living in a commune in southern Oregon in the early 1970’s. To a great extent we lived off the land and in harmony with it and in the process we gleaned a glimpse of how the world could be.Living together is never a simple matter, and that is only magnified when dozens of people share the same living space. Yet when our vibes harmonized the energy was transcendental; it was far superior to the energy of any mere coupling. No amount of money could’ve replaced the warmth, camaraderie and oneness we enjoyed. It was a magical, mystical way of life.We possessed little of the material plane but lived a glorious and fulfilling life nonetheless. Our mountain home wasn’t scenically spectacular but it was green, wholesome and natural. We enjoyed neither electricity nor flush toilets but that was immaterial to our happiness and well being.The first part of Y3K provides a faithful account of commune life, updated for the thirtieth century only in technicalities. That lifestyle still holds fascination for many people, especially those who are frustrated and put off by the fundamental insanity of modern life. Y3K goes to the heart of how communal living works and is organized.Y3K takes place one thousand years in the future partly because that’s the minimum time it takes to regenerate a Pacific Northwest ancient forest. There is nothing in the world to compare with those grandest and greatest of trees. Today a scattering of ancient trees remain in a few parks and deep in the back country. Global warming brings increased heat and drought and the likelihood that much of what’s left of the world’s forests will be lost to fire and the elements.Y3K, in contrast, lets us imagine a natural world that is whole and intact; a landscape that is respected for the greatness therein, as opposed to the value of the lumber or material resources within.Y3K conjures up a view of how humanity can live lightly on the earth in a way that’s no less fulfilling than the image we now have of what it takes to be happy.When we think of the future do we see the planet covered with 200 story buildings? Given the option of a green, serene and beautiful environment is that steely, mechanical, hard-edged existence the one we would choose?Y3K is a road novel that nearly circles the world through many unique urban and communal settings. It is a novel of activism, of organizing and demonstrating, since even in a future ecotopia there will be those who wish to revert to the exploitative and destructive times of the past (today).Y3K is a journey into the mind. It is a primer of spirituality; of mystical concepts and understanding: Manifestation, The Cosmic Mind and more are explored in depth. It includes a discussion of Biblical prophecy as it pertains to Entropy Gaia and hints for survival during the coming troubled times. It also explores the use of mind-expanding recreational drugs.It’s a fun novel with moments of comedy. It also delves into relationships and has its share of love and sex. Furthermore, it challenges fundamental ideas about those essential human interactions and places them in the year 2999, in a context of an enlightened future.Y3K is designed to open the reader’s eyes to the many possibilities of the future, both near term and long and it’s a fun ride; welcome aboard.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2010
    • Ano:  2015
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001033741999
    • ISBN:  9781458017239

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