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When people do not want to be identified , it mean the complication for others around them at that moment to know who they are , but then there must be reasons behind the statement and when such statement can stand on a visual action , as in the case of the title and cover pictures of this book , ( front and back ) which could mean a confirmation of it and that the horizon of the same can expand in that direction till the writers limit . The first motive is that psychological fear that their informations will be distorted for another use . It may also be due to the acceptance of a giulty conscience , that originated from some failure in self engagements , even in the absence of blames from others . Secondly , at accusations with or without arrest at other occasions , that may have conditioned them to that manner , while there are also the mystery type that occur due to their heavenly / holy origine by supernatural being . The last , by ignorance , shy or to shun the others , since they feel that the public value them more than every other one that exist . At the same time , themselves did not remember again that at those occasions , they stand for essentials and any bad comportment will evaluate , likewise the good ones . As they are useful in some ways , that was why the phenomenon started and on each relevant point , there will be an example of it where possible . However , as you go through the book , you will observe that the girl on the front page Chwdi , really picked a boyfriend , called Zimz, who was not aware of the fact, because she reported to have had impediment , embarrassment and trouble on the telephone number given to her by him , for a period of two years , by another lady , known as Mrphngi , a neighbour to Zimz , who initially agreed to share her fixed phone in the apartment with him . But at the beginning of the report , the lady denied the reality of such issue on the telephone , not withstanding that a post card was published to that effect. Eventually, the lady got unmask and successively confess the truth , as there was also another testimony in fovour of the impediment and embarrassment that Chwdi had by then . The lady did plead to remain unknown over what she has done or said on the issue, as she regret most of the actions that she had already taken . When Chwdi paved her way to Zimz , then wanted to settle down with him in a haste , but that failed as he discovered some faults that concern her , for example , unfaithfulness . These and other facts , made her not to give a face identification , when the boyfriend requested it through the use of a photographic camera and even intentionally declare that she does not want to be identified in whatever they are doing , because her objectives have failed . At the same time she was useful with her love , visits and informations , but latter quit from the relationship that she established with him . When Mrphongi heard about her final departure from Zimzs room , she tried to entice him into love making at 02, 00 after midnight , while expressing envy about Chwdi , but was rejected by him and she revenge with the request that he vacate the room he occupied in the apartment . At any time people commit some acts while covering face and if they are caught by law , due to its illegality and they still cover face at trial , it could mean that they dont want to be identified by others around them at that occasion . It happened also that the hour mentioned above , did coincided in the past, in which Zimz sighted a ghost while going to the stream to fetch water , as could be seen at the back page of the book . The four names widely in use on this book are from Ibo language and have meaning , for example: Chwdi, mean ( search for husband ) ; and so on , without the names , the book could not go well . From the same book ,it was noted that Zimz on some occasions was injured by his second senior b

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    • Ano de Edição: 2011
    • Ano:  2018
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2020100516414
    • ISBN:  9781465373038

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