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Zombies Vs. Aliens follows the adventures of many of the characters from my earlier books. Mostly, though, this story is centered around Major Richard Collins and his fiancée, Claire. He died and arose as a Zombie in the first chapter of my first book, Zombie Spring. Before he died, he put a bullet in Claire’s head so that she would never have to suffer the torment of the Undead. His personal story and hers come to light in this, the last book of the series. In addition to Major Collins and Claire, there are alien characters that I believe will breathe new life into the series, and finally, there is the evolution of the Archon computer system from Book Three into a sentient entity with a sweet and loving nature. Short Synopsis: Several hundred years into the future, the Zombie Apocalypse is over. The Living and the Undead coexist in near perfect harmony. For the most part, the Living are happy and content, but amongst the Undead or Edenite populace, there is a growing dissatisfaction. Many become victims of their own strange powers. When space travel becomes a reality, Major Collins jumps at the chance to go off planet with the remnants of the Eden Brigade, the soldiers of I-Corps who died in the 21st Century and Arose to fight alongside humanity. The major, like Roland Thomas, and Ben Arnold, is a Type IV. His particular gift is that he is a powerful Empath. So powerful, in fact, that his fellow Zombies harbor fears about his mental stability and their own safety. The Eden Brigade blasts off into space on their shakedown cruise and runs straight into a galactic war that threatens the destruction of the planet Earth. Fortunately for the Terrans, the USS Eden was built by soldiers and for soldiers over the course of a century and is as much a battleship as it ever was a vessel for exploration. What will happen when the aliens meet the Undead on the field of battle? Will a sentient childlike computer make a difference? Who is the alien Watcher, Larissa? Why does Major Collins dress up like a chicken? Helen of Troy, Jack the Ripper, and Leonardo Da Vinci are linked to the original Zombie Apocalypse? Impossible—or is it? Read on to find out. Those who enjoy big battles have not been left out. Have the battery in your reader charged. Humor is a major component of this book along with Alien weddings and customs, weird science, dream sequences, mythology, ancient prophecy, the alien take on Earth’s past and the evolution of man, split personalities, and a tug-of-war with Death himself. You’ll find it all here in this most unusual Zombie/Sci-fi/Weird Science/Fantasy book.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001035909281
    • ISBN:  9781370794751

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