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The Vampire’s Pet, Book 2In his desperation to get off the streets, Rowan Tyler has been sold off to the highest vampire billionaire bidder as a human companion.His new owner has one condition, however: ignore the lust of the other vampire in his household.Suddenly, Rowan finds himself torn between two vampires who each seek to ravish his body and soul until he aches from passion.--“Danto was a hungry animal, desperate for any taste of my body. His hands were everywhere, feeling every inch that I had to offer. I moaned underneath his expert lips, thrashing and writhing, bucking my hips wildly.I’d never felt anything like this, I’d never believed pleasure and satisfaction like this was possible. I’d never felt so much, I’d never hungered or lusted for anything before. I’d never felt my entire body lit on fire with passion.The ecstasy curling inside of me tightened more and more, until I felt like I was going to explode with passion.Hazy stars bloomed before my eyes, before a rocket of passion seemed to launch from within me, my body spasming with intense pleasure as blackness overwhelmed my eyes. I sank down, only held up by Danto’s strong hands as he drank every last drop from me, moaning with pleasure against my engorged flesh.Carefully, he stood, pulling up my pants with him as he held me to his body. I rest against his chest, heart pounding, breaths panting, eyes still rolled back. Every now and then, an aftershock of pleasure would course through me.“Delicious.” Danto hummed into my ear as he nipped my earlobe, “Absolutely delicious.”I was his now, I realized. I belonged to this vampire, to Danto Rune.”

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