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Intertrigo is a very frequent medical inflammatory disorder affecting areas of skin that are frequently in contact such as the groin, under the breasts, armpits, and skin folds. These areas of skin that are in contact with each other are known as the intertriginous zones. In obese individuals, skin folds may happen in various areas and so can be afflicted by intertrigo. The seborrheic glands (oil glands) in the skin produces excessive sebum(oil) particularly in regions which is likely to rub against each other such as armpits, groins, skin under the breasts, and navel. Because of the friction of the skin and secretion of sebum, a red moist type of rash occurs. Intertrigo is a moist red seborrheic skin rash involving body clefts such as armpits and groins. Simple intertrigo is an irritant dermatitis produced by the combination of frictional rubbing, raised temperature, and moisture. Intertrigo can be affected by various micro-organisms, such as yeasts, dermatophytic fungi, bacteria, as well as allergic and irritant reactions to various medications and chemicals. Intertrigo is inflammation of the skin with oil glands (sebaceous glands). It is likely to happen in warm, moist areas of the body where 2 skin surfaces rub against each other. Such areas are called skin folds. Intertrigo affects the epidermis of the skin. It is produced by moisture, bacteria, or fungus in the folds of the skin. The involved areas of skin are normally pink to brown. If the skin is very moist, it may start to break down. In serious cases, there may be a bad odor. The disorder is most frequent in people who are obese. It may also happen in people who have to stay in bed or wear medical devices such as artificial limbs, splints, and braces. The medical devices may keep the moisture against the skin. Intertrigo is frequent in warm, moist climates. Intertrigo is a skin disorder produced by the macerating effects of heat, moisture and friction. It is most frequently observed in the groin, axillae or in infra-mammary folds There are also some exotic dermatologic diseases that are prone to occur in the intertriginous zones The environmental factors have a major part in exacerbations of intertrigo. They are higher levels in temperature and humidity found most frequently during the summer months. Exercises such as running or riding bicycle, which involve repetitive movements, produce frictional forces which may damage the skin. The large folds of skin that result from obesity also increase the likelihood of intertrigo. Past history of seborrhoeic dermatitis Infection with Candida albicans Diabetes mellitus Poor hygiene Intertrigo is an inflammatory skin condition that can be produced and aggravated by many causes. These are moisture, heat, lack of air circulation and friction between skin folds. Sweat, urine, and feces can also worsen the skin problem. The patient is more likely to get these skin infections in skin folds because skin folds are places that are warm and tend to stay moist. Symptoms of intertrigo are itching and burning in the intertriginous zones. Sometime, prolonged intertrigo may produce a musty smell. With intertrigo, these affected skin areas become inflamed and appear red and sometimes scaly. Typically intertigo manifests as mild erythema which can be observed initially as red plaques on each side of the involved skin fold (in a mirror image fashion). The patient will complain of itching, stinging and burning The most frequent areas involved are larger skin-fold areas such as beneath the breasts, genital area, armpits, and abdomen. Diagnosis: Skin appearance Skin scraping Treatment: Antibiotic or antifungal cream Drying agent Low-dose steroid cream Creams that protect the skin Talcum TABLE OF CONTENT Introduction Chapter 1 Intertrigo Chapter 2 Causes Chapter 3 Symptoms Chapter 4 Diagnosis Chapter 5 Treatment Chapter 6 Prognosis Chapter 7 Pimples Chapter 8 Impetigo Epilogue

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