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"If you still have five minutes of lucid thought process, YOUR ALZHEIMERS IS REVERSIBLE... I can tell whether a schizophrenic patient has taken the supplements for a few days when he enters my office, as he will be normal."- Find the legacy of this eminent Canadian Psychiatrist in Part 3*Dr. Mike Headlee, D.C., Explore Chiropractic, Bemidji, MNDear Chiropractor Physician,The drugless injection treatments I received from Dr. Mark Wheaton, PMR, Lakeside Pain & Sports, Excelsior, MN, weekend clinic Menahga, have provided a full hip joint recovery that I never thought possible. Marks brother continued his pro-tennis career because of these treatments. Truly, these doctors are our kind of doctors. I can only wonder if an area D.C. who was lost to cancer could have benefitted from knowing 10 years out, as is available in the enclosed info service. At Dr. Leighs request before his passing, please forward these resources to colleagues and businesses interested in health cost reduction. -Mike"Help Yourself for 99 Cents"An online Medical Resource Consulting Service, no travel/convention feesAn inside track for decision makers to access what really are the current medical alternatives to drugs/surgery for chronic, degenerative diseases. No "New Age," leeches or bee bite stuff.A strictly informational service (not medical advice) to:- Improve employee health and reduce employee absence (e.g., no diabetic amputation, by-pass, angioplasty, etc. tumors dissolved safely)- Reduce employee health cost by fifty percent overall, and- Find the insurance company that covers choice of alternative/conventionalAccess 3,000+ Medical Doctors (no quacks) featured in this e-directory*:"Find Alternative M.D.S Who Use Alternatives to Drugs/Surgery"Stunning success in the treatment of supposedly incurable:Advanced AIDS; Alzheimers and Organic Brain Syndromes; all Cancers and 10-12 year earlier detection-no travel, fractionated chemo, superior survival rates all stages; Heart/Circulatory: avoid attacks, stroke, by-pass, diabetic amps; Parkinsons & M.S first four years; tremor in Huntington 25-35 point I.Q. improvement for Cognitive Delay and Downs (German/Swiss Xeno-transplants); Hepatitis; Spinal Paralysis (25% intact matrix); Sports Joint Injuries (avoid cortisone/what the pros do); their medical associations/journals/protocols/websites.Dentists, Naturopaths, Veterinary (includes animal cancer). Trace the German/Swiss Masters (no "Nazi Medicine") and their protocols that were practiced throughout the 20th now available in North and South America.Recommended by James P. Carter, M.D., Dr. P.H., Tulane Medical Section Chief, author, "Racketeering in Medicine."Book purchase includes a confidential Ask the Author service via private email.The Doctors Speak: "I have taken on patients who were inoperable, who already had every known form of bypass surgery, who had no more veins in their legs to strip out and put into their heart, and who were sent home to die, and I COULD GET THOSE PEOPLE BACK TO FULL FUNCTIONING… The big cardiologists consider the diagnosis of congestive heart failure to be virtually a death sentence, because over 60% of their patients are dead within the first year.I HAVENT LOST ONE PATIENT WITH CONGESTIVE HEART FAILURE IN 10 YEARS!Find this U.S. doctor in Part 3. Regarding use of the above I.V. protocol, Dr. Carters comment on centenarian George Burns public cigar flouting, tap-dancing: "Well, Hes had 100 bottles."Also Dr. Carter: "Chelation alleviates the pain of angina and intermittent claudication and decreases symptoms of shortness of breath and fatigue in patients with coronary artery disease and peripheral vascular disease." And a renown cardio-surgeon, Part 3: "I now achieve more lasting results with less risk, enhancing the benefits of surgery, often avoiding surgery by providing this I.V. for my patients."

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    • Ano de Edição: 2011
    • Ano:  2015
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2000601634732
    • ISBN:  9781937698027

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