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Man’s health depends on the following four things: the power of his soul, the goodness of his soul, the brightness of his mind and the mildness of his heart. In order one to gain these qualities, he shall have knowledge. Everybody has a soul, a heart and a mind, but not everybody has managed to develop such qualities in himself, which to make him healthy. Health is related not only to the physical world, but also to the heart and mental ones. It is a result of the function of the higher laws, i.e. the laws of the Rational world. To be healthy means to be in harmony with the Original Reason of things, with your fellow men and with yourself. Physical health is based exclusively on man’s virtues. One, who is good, does not fall ill. If he begins to doubt good, he begins to fall ill. If one, who is ill, believes in good, he will recover by no means. When man sins, he goes out of the sphere of good and opens the door of sin in him. As long as he sins, he begins to fall ill. Death comes after the disease. One, who wants to be in robust health, has to be connected to God by no means, to have a constant inflow of Divine energy. You cannot be healthy, if you are not magnetic. When man feels that his nerves are exhausted, this means that he has demagnetized. Then he cannot hold the Divine thoughts, which only pass through him, without leaving anything. What will happen to a plant, if it does not accept the rainy drops and does not use them? You think that one, who is on the Earth, lives. As long as one is on the Earth, he is only tested. When the test is over, he is sent to another place. Absolutely healthy is one, in whose organism there are no sediments. One is healthy, if in his organism there is no decomposition, no decay. Everybody can be healthy or become healthy in one minute by exposing himself to special currents, which exist in Nature. Special rays exist in the Sun itself, special currents, which may revive man, only if he knows how and when to perceive these rays in order to benefit by them. Health depends on man’s conscious. Peace, health, power, good feelings and all powers, which exist in man, come out of his conscious. One, who lives in the sphere of consciousness, is calm even without money in his pocket. He is not afraid of anything, and concentrates his thinking on the sublime world. No more than an hour and a half, the help comes, bread comes, or the car comes. That man is wise and never abuses with his powers and abilities, which he has. The strength and health do not come from the external food. God feed man from inside and gives him power and life to work and solve his tasks. One, who eats a lot, pays a lot. Health is a result from right exchange of the energies in man’s organism, on one side, as well as of right exchange between the souls, on the other side. If a disease comes, it is a breach of the law of the right exchange. If the particles of the matter, of which the human organism is composed, are in normal relations between each other, all organs of his will be in harmony. When they are in harmony, man’s feelings and deeds will be harmonious. In order to maintain the harmony of his organism, man shall feed his brain with bright feelings, his heart – with clean feelings, his lungs – with clean air, his stomach – with clean wholesome food. One, who wants to be healthy, shall increase the quantity of love and energy in him. Take more energy from the Sun, if you want to be cheerful. Enjoy the sunrise if you want to prolong your life. One, who wants to be healthy, not to be ailing, not to be irritable, shall be clean. Microbes do not affect one, who is clean. Therefore, if you want to be healthy, work on your body, get rid of all dirt and useless sediment and fats. If you notice that fat has accumulated somewhere along your body, apply a Spartan health  regime right away. One in soul is such as he is in body and vice versa. Some people think that one may be ailing, and feeble, and yet - genial. This is impossible. One, who is genial, has a specific body structure. If he gets ill, he easily recovers.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2013
    • Ano:  2013
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2000178715483
    • ISBN:  9781300958987

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