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The Bio-Chemical Book explains how the body automatically programs itself without conscious awareness. It also explains how to change this automatic process into new possible choices and how this relates to overall health and mental health. Included are some techniques to try as well as a dialogue that demonstrates how one can change their programming for optimal health.Although the focus of this book is around the issue of allergies, the techniques can be applied to most unwanted emotions and health issues. The book uses easy-to-follow, step-by-step processes and ideas. It is written as an introductory handbook for everyone, especially those who are in, or who are in positions of health care in corporations, churches, schools, community, and government.The Bio-Chemical book is a comprehensive and succinct summary of the essential things that you must know about mental health while revealing the answers and solutions to longstanding questions about the mind/body connections and allergies. It uses real life stories and a case study to equip you with the knowledge and strategies to enable you to improve your own health or lead another through their difficult health journey. This book introduces you to ideas to help you build and sustain health. It puts the self-responsibility back into health. It is for anyone who desires to take charge of their emotional life and health.

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