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Timeless Ancient & Modern Methods for Healing the Animal Body and Mind in A Most Natural, Sustainable and Complete Way. Herbal Remedies & Plant Medicine includes tons of rare information on the preparation, exact dosages and attributes of over 125 popular and highly effective herbs and plants as well as the preparation and use of any and every herb or plant in existence, all compiled and thoroughly explained in one location! Plus much more! Add to this the additional remedies for 100 common ailments and a straight-forward, easy to understand presentation and you have one of the best books available on the subject anywhere! Herbal Remedies & Plant Medicine makes an excellent gift to give to family and friends and will aid in safeguarding the health and wellness of you and your loved ones! Take back a more natural approach to health and wellness in your life! Enjoy this rare work today! Features of Our Herbal Remedies & Plant Medicine Book: 1. All information is presented in a simple, straight-forward, down to Earth manner. No specialty jargon, no mysteries and no needing to consult Google or a dictionary just to read and understand the information presented! 2. All information is thorough, complete and straight to the point! 3. The advantages and disadvantages of synthetic chemical vs natural medicines explained! 4. Complete information on over 125 herbs & plants, both popular and largely unknown but incredibly effective varieties! 5. This book is currently available in ereader ready format with a complete and thorough table of contents to aid in navigating the massive amounts of information provided with zero headaches! 6. Nearly every method of basic and even advanced extraction is provided with in depth instructions. 7. There are “simplified” sections at the end of each extraction method for those who want to just get down to business the easy way! 8. Simple step by step instructions provided for all operations! 9. Fine images detail all 125 herbs & plants and even many sections of information! 10. We are the only ones to offer all of this rare information in one location! 11. Exact dosages and preparation methods are given for all 125 herbs and plants detailed! 12. Excellent and thorough section included detailing the simplest effective remedies for taking care of 100 common ailments! 13. Full information on which herbs & plants are best for using in specific healing situations! 14. Recommendations for sourcing your own herbs, the best equipment to use in creating your own remedies, what things to avoid or other precautions, storing your own extractions, the best substances to effectively combat or soothe a massive array of maladies and much more! Special & Rare Tips You’ll Find in The Book: 1. How to make any remedy far more effective! 2. Rare and little known traits of over 125 herbs and plants! 3. How to make any extraction far more efficient! 4. Identifying rare adaptogenic herbs & plants! 5. Commentary on healing your companion animals using herbal medicine, just as it was done throughout all of history! 6. Identifying the even more rare and far too few “all-heal” herbs & plants or those materials that balance and promote the health of all systems of the body!

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    • Ano de Edição: 2014
    • Ano:  2014
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001120693958
    • ISBN:  9781634438315

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