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    BETTER RESULTS WITH LESS EFFORT, the TUXEN METHOD is a new philosophy and application of the ancient technique of therapeutic cupping based on modern physical therapy, massage therapy, and a thorough clinical reasoning, while integrating a knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathology. With Tuxen Method you can treat the same conditions as with conventional massage, but you can expand your area of clinical application and get potentially far better results. The Tuxen Method is also a great tool to combine with massage therapy, as well as with other mobilization and stretching techniques. Most modern massage therapy techniques ignore the needs of the therapist, leaving you continually exhausted, leading many to change careers. We want to help you free yourself from the exhaustion and pain in your career, while providing top-notch treatment opportunities for your patients. And if you work with musculo-skeletal problems or athletes in your clinic, this is the book for you. “This is by far the most effective treatment method I have received in my running career.”—ELISE, runner, 36 “I am now back on my bike again and working, pain-free, at my job.”—MORTEN, cyclist, 26 “I am now back at work and feel that I have gotten a second chance to take care of my health.” —BRIT JORUNN, child welfare leader, 33 INTRODUCTIONThe Tuxen Method DifferenceWhat is Tuxen Method? THE BASICS[ 1 ]  Circulatory and Lymphatic Systems[ 2 ]  Bruising[ 3 ]  Treatment Strategies[ 4 ]  How General Health Affects Treatment[ 5 ]  Contraindications and When to Treat with Caution[ 6 ]  Pain CUPPING TECHNIQUE[ 7 ]  Manual Cupping versus Cupping with a Machine[ 8 ]  Cupping Techniques for Muscles[ 9 ]  Cupping for the Fascial Slings[ 10 ]  Cupping to Increase Blood Circulation[ 11 ]  Treating the Lymph System[ 12 ]  The Digestive System AILMENTS[ 13 ]  Emotional Stress[ 14 ]  Sinus Problems[ 15 ]  Scar Tissue[ 16 ]  Varicose veins[ 17 ]  Joints[ 18 ]  Rheumatic Diseases[ 19 ]  Tendons[ 20 ]  Nerves and Nerve entrapment ATHLETES[ 21 ]  Tuxen Method for Athletes[ 22 ]  Therapy for Specific Athletes[ 23 ]  Treating the Most Common Sports Injuries AREAS & ASPECTS[ 24 ]  Cervical and Tension Headache[ 25 ]  Treating the Jaw[ 26 ]  Treating the Thoracic Spine[ 27 ]  Treating the Lumbar Spine/Pelvis[ 28 ]  Improving Posture with the Tuxen Method BEAUTY & HYGENE[ 29 ]  Cellulite[ 30 ]  Stretch Marks[ 31 ]  Eczema[ 32 ]  Face Lift[ 33 ]  Blackheads FURTHER STUDY[ 34 ]  Acupuncture Meridians and Reflexology Points

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