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Losing weight again? Are you a glutton for punishment or do you just revel in kicking off yet another weight loss or exercise program? Have you had enough or would you like to get in one or two final diets before you let go of the self-destructive cycles? And this: Why would you pursue a quick fix solution to a lifelong challenge that probably has its roots in your youth, or even childhood? And this lifelong challenge will be with you for … um … life… “A lifelong challenge …” “A strategic problem …” “Profound implications …” “Macro level planning …” “A marathon––not a sprint …” Pick your label––pick your metaphor. How many false starts and self-damaging initiatives must you rack up before you acknowledge this profound reality about quick-fixes? THEY … DON’T … WORK on long term, lifelong challenges. Author Rick Ray found himself confronted with yet another potential cycle of weight loss and made a profound decision: He was not just going to lose weight; he was going to discover how to end the dreaded weight loss-gain cycle. He went in search of the holy grail of weight loss: Sustainability! Discover sustainability he has! Now you too can experience permanent weight loss through SustainableWeight: Solutions for you to achieve sustainable weight loss and physical conditioning. Cutting through the cacophony of quick-fix weight loss “solutions” out there, you are confronted with the reality that you keep coming to a brush fire with cups of water. Have you not yet noticed that your eyebrows are singed and your clothes are smoking? How many false starts and self-damaging initiatives must you rack up before you acknowledge this simple truth? The missing element in most weight loss and exercise routines is sustainability. Dismissing the notion of quick-fixes, with SustainableWeight you are taught perspective. You are taught to take a long, hard look at yourself. You are taught HOW to take a long, hard look at yourself. And the beauty is you are taught not to be critical or tear yourself apart. It’s time to smite self-destructiveness. And another beauty is you don’t have to go on a steady diet of grass clippings! You are challenged to understand your own thought processes and consider management principles that will pave highways towards not just success, but sustained success that will last through the year, into next year, and for years into the future. Truths, Rules, and Tactics provide concrete and pithy guidance in how to work sustainability into ordinary, daily routines. They confront the reality that late on Tuesday night you will find yourself alone on a date with your lack of willpower, and you will be taken advantage of. They answer the questions lurking in such isolated times, “Now what?” Embrace hope. Discover the answers that steer you through those treacherous waters safely to the far shore. While voluminous, the teaching material is masterfully crafted and organized so that it is easily digested and managed. Stories, instructional text, object lessons, and real-life examples are packaged with tools, checklists, and techniques to ensure success with achieving sustainability. The focus is on you, and how to work sustainability into your life. Written in a casual style that doesn’t take itself too seriously, personal––even intimate––anecdotes and perceptions allow you to bond and identify with the author to enable a safe journey into self-discovery and sustainability. More than just a book of how-to, SustainableWeight enables strategic, real-life solutions for you to achieve sustainability in your weight loss and exercise programs.

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001036617895
    • ISBN:  9781483577272

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