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Dr Leila Kreho is a medical doctor, holding Master of Science in Nutrition, King’s College University of London. She has written various health articles for some of the leading daily newspapers and magazines i.e. Cosmopolitan, Elle, Mens Health. Through her presence in the print, TV, other electronic media, and public lectures worldwide she is raising the awareness on the impact that food has on our health. So far Dr. Kreho published outstanding 6 books giving her new revolutionary approach in nutrition.The Ultimate Diet for Women book is all about enjoying your traditional food while learning how to dramatically improve your health, fight diseases, boost your energy level and achieve leaner, trimmer body to fuel your active lifestyle in the 21st Century. The book bursts with recipes which give everyone, no matter the age, the required energy without using sugar, excess flour, or milk.., but at the same time nourish our body, alkalise it, and naturally destroy free radicals, the main cause we age.We have changed our diet considerably compared to what it was like 40 years ago. From the early 50s of the last century up to this moment, around 3500 new chemicals have been produced. These have found their way into the foods we eat on a daily basis. Insecticides, such as organophosphates and nitrates, pesticides and synthetic steroids are all added to the feed to speed the animal’s growth. The result is an increased number of breast cancer cases, fibroids, infertility, and endometriosis, polycystic ovaries, PMS , skin problems etc.Most of us have long understood that it is vital to monitor our physical health but we are not as attentive where our mental health is concerned – which might be even more important! The main features of the 21st Century are unfortunately stress, agitation, depression, insomnia and constant fatigue. If you stumble upon a depressive state, this is not a reason to blame yourselves for it. On the contrary, you should undertake all measures possible to preserve and improve your mental health and live a happier life that includes all the ups and downs inherent in the hectic 21st Century. Beat depression in your kitchen and make natural Prozac !Everybody talks about socially accepted woman’s body but disappointing and complex as it may sound for some, reduction diets should be tailor made for everyone individually. Attention should be paid to food availability, regional characteristics, social and family circumstances, mental and physical condition and hereditary predispositions. Our nutritional needs change from one year to another, from one season to another and sometimes even within 24 hours. Therefore, a universal reduction programme effective for all of us is quite a challenge for modern nutritional science! In this book learn about all risks extra pounds have on our health, learn to choose ‘smart’ food that can burn fat, and adjust your diet plan accordingly!Our most intimate relationship with the outside world is food, the main medium for controlling health within the body, as well as our glamorous look. There is no medicine, cosmetic agent, nor natural supplement that exists which has such a profound effect on our body as the food that we individually choose.This book will give you the answers. Have a great woman’s body uniquely designed just for You!

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    • Ano de Edição: 2017
    • Ano:  2017
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001080878532
    • ISBN:  9781370737949

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