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Authoritative information and practical advice from the nations cancer experts about childhood extracranial germ cell tumors (GCT) including teratomas (mature, immature), malignant gonadal germ cell, malignant ovarian germ cell, malignant extragonadal germ cell), testicular (nonseminoma, seminoma), yolk sac tumors, germinomas, and choriocarcinomas. Starting with the basics, and advancing to detailed patient-oriented and physician-quality information, this comprehensive compilation gives empowered patients, families, caregivers, nurses, and physicians the information they need to understand the diagnosis and treatment of these diseases. In addition to disease-specific information, this ebook includes a glossary and information on the late effects of treatment for childhood cancer and pediatric supportive care. Childhood GCT are rare in children younger than 15 years, accounting for approximately 3% of cancer cases in this age group. In the fetal/neonatal age group, the majority of extracranial GCT that occur are benign teratomas occurring at midline locations including sacrococcygeal, retroperitoneal, mediastinal, and cervical regions. Despite the small percentage of malignant teratomas that occur in this age group, perinatal tumors have a high morbidity due to hydrops fetalis and premature delivery. Extracranial GCT (particularly testicular GCT) are much more common among adolescents aged 15 to 19 years, representing approximately 14% of cancer diagnoses in this age group. GCTs develop from primordial germ cells, which migrate during embryogenesis from the yolk sac through the mesentery to the gonads. Childhood extracranial GCT can be divided into gonadal and extragonadal types. Most childhood extragonadal GCT arise in midline sites (i.e., sacrococcygeal, mediastinal, retroperitoneal), and the midline location may represent aberrant embryonic migration of the primordial germ cells.Extensive supplements, with over forty chapters gathered from our Cancer Toolkit series and other reports, cover a broad range of cancer and health care topics useful to cancer patients. This edition includes our exclusive Guide to Leading Medical Websites with updated links to 81 of the best sites for medical information, which let you quickly check for updates from the government and the best commercial portals, news sites, reference/textbook/non-commercial portals, and health organizations. Supplemental coverage includes: Clinical Trials Background Information, Workbook; In-Depth Program; Clinical Trials at NIH; How To Find A Cancer Treatment Trial; Taking Part in Cancer Treatment Research Studies; Access to Investigational Drugs; Taking Time: Support for People with Cancer; Facing Forward - Life After Cancer Treatment; When Someone You Love Is Being Treated For Cancer; Living Beyond Cancer: Finding a New Balance; Caring for the Caregiver; Young People With Cancer, A Handbook For Parents; When Cancer Returns; When Someone You Love Has Advanced Cancer / Support for Caregivers; Chemotherapy; Managing Chemotherapy Side Effects; Follow-up Care After Cancer Treatment.This is a privately authored news service and educational publication of Progressive Management. For over a quarter of a century, our news, educational, technical, scientific, and medical publications have made unique and valuable references accessible to all people. Our e-books put knowledge at your fingertips, and an expert in your pocket!

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