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Has cancer left you feeling powerless? You do have choices. Beat Cancer’s Butt by Helen Page is an approachable, empowering guide to enhancing your health and well-being. If you knew simple lifestyle changes might significantly help improve your chances of beating cancer, would you make them?‘I fell to pieces the day I was diagnosed with womb cancer at the age of 36. I cried. I wallowed. I prayed. I felt like giving up. Then I decided enough was enough. I had to DO something to help myself. And so began a period of intense research, marking the start of my cancer battle and forming the basis of this book.’Beat Cancer’s Butt is a humorous and inspiring book, part personal, part factual. It covers the ‘What, Why and How’ questions around diet, lifestyle, personality and positive thinking. Optimise your health and wellbeing and take an active stand against cancer today!There’s so much information on the internet about cancer, some of it conflicting, lots of it confusing. Beat Cancer’s Butt is the go-to guide for an overview of current research and how to put this knowledge into practice. From dietary and lifestyle choices to maximising your Doctor’s appointment, building a support network and adopting a positive attitude. Read this book for facts, practical tips, meal plans and recipes. It’s invaluable information, all in one place.Beat Cancer’s Butt begins with the cave (wo)man theory. Our lives back then versus our lives right now. The difference is startling in terms of the foods we eat, the toxins in our environment and our sedentary lifestyles. Food is a major difference: discover why organic is best, why sugar is the modern-day tobacco, why hormones and toxins build up in our cells and the best bit…how we can reverse the effect with minimal effort! Learn what does count towards your ‘7 a day’, what an antioxidant is and consider taking a quantitative and qualitative approach to fruit and vegetables.A stressful existence has become the modern day ‘norm’ but are we designed to cope with it? The cave (wo)man could just ‘be’ without worrying about the school run or the bills or the next round of redundancies. How does stress impact on our hormones and immune system? Is there such a thing as the cancer personality or a link between health and positive thinking? If so, how can we alter our thinking patterns to allow for a calmer existence?There are different ways of coping with cancer: you could put on rose-tinted glasses and assume all will be fine or hibernate under a duvet with chocolate digestives, wallowing in the unfairness of it all. Beat Cancer’s Butt is neither of these. It’s a realistic and practical approach that asks the reader to face cancer head on. It recognises there’ll be ‘dark days’; it discusses grief and when to seek medical help for clinical depression. It also puts the reader in the driver’s seat. It helps them submit to self-analysis, get a support network around them and make positive diet and lifestyle choices. It’s a book about empowerment. It’s a book about putting on those boxing gloves and fighting back!

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    • Ano de Edição: 2014
    • Ano:  2015
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2000851126247
    • ISBN:  9781310721106

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