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Dave and Annette explored a variety of one-on-one fantasies before they married and during the first 10 years of their married life, but it was after they discovered that their neighbors were swingers that their fantasies expanded. “Tad and I both enjoy having others in our sex life,” the neighbor lady admitted to Annette. “Sometimes we 'swap' with other couples, and sometimes I have guys over for an afternoon of 'play' while Tad occasionally meets other ladies at motels." "Are you serious," Annette asked her. Jacki promptly assured her that "Tad and I have a very close loving relationship... we just give each other permission to enjoy some outside 'recreational sex' occasionally." That night after their kids were in bed, Annette couldn't wait to tell Dave about her conversation. He asked Tad about it one weekend. He just matter-of-factly confirmed what Jacki had said. At night, after the kids were asleep, Annette and Dave would often read sexy stories to each other. Sometimes Dave would read Penthouse Letters while Annette would give him a slow, pleasurable blowjob. Other times Annette would pick out an X-rated hard-core novel to read as Dave leisurely feasted on her pussy. Sometimes they would talk about what was probably going on in the house next door. The reading and the thoughts about their neighbors proved to be real turn-ons for them. Finally, their kids were gone from the house. They felt that they could finally be more open about pursuing some of the fantasies that had been stimulated by their reading, and by their imaginations. Their earliest fantasies dealt with Annette allowing her feminine charms to be discretely observed by other guys as Dave watched. Annette told her husband that she got real hot and wet just thinking about flashing other men. She said she had been too shy to tell him about her thoughts earlier, because she was not sure of how he would take it. He thought about her comments for a few moments... then smiled at her and told her that she should go with her feelings... and let it happen... because anything that turned her on would result in being a turn-on for me too! Some nights later, when a friend (Clark) was visiting to watch a football game with Dave, Annette dressed extra sexy (without a bra or panties) and managed to discretely expose her discretely to their guest as Dave quietly observed… without letting Clark know that it was a planned thing. Later that night, after some hot husband-wife sex, Annette said to her hubby, “Thank You.” "Thanks for what," he asked? She said, "Thanks for letting me live out one of my fantasies... my fantasy of exposing myself to another man... and in turn making me as horny as I was." He told her that no thanks were necessary as it was a big turn-on for him as well. She said she was glad that it was, because she really enjoyed the feeling that it gave her, and she wanted to do it again... if it was okay with him. A few nights later, while they lay in bed Annette admitted that she was having fantasies about Clark touching her. Dave asked his wife just what kind of fantasies she was having about Clark touching her... and did she want more than just the touching? As she cuddled in his arms, she admitted that on several occasions she had fantasized about being in bed with two men at one time... but it had always just been a fantasy that she had kept to herself. She said it was not specifically Clark who she wanted to have touch her. She just wanted it to be an additional man... any stranger would do to turn her on. Dave’s mind raced as he thought of the possibilities those newly-revealed fantasies could bring. While he had never told Annette, over the years he had fantasized about seeing her being screwed by another guy. It wasn’t long before Dave invited Clark to help him fulfill Annette’s most recent fantasy… and they all had fun.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2013
    • Ano:  2015
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2000179574249
    • ISBN:  9781301102297

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