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Usually, theyve got impeccable fitness and physical power, and as an athlete and an author I know how they maintain and improve their strength. But it is the mind that is really what runs the race. For many athletes, self-determination has always been taken for granted until, one day: they reach their own individual wall of fear.What Kriss Brooks has created with the Options program, I wish a trainer would create for theseathletes. She combines the heart, the mind and the body in her course of training. She honors the power of each and harnesses it for the good of all.Bodybuilding for women is still a difficult concept for much of the health establishment to grasp. Why? It goes against decades of stereotype. We think 55 and we see an aging mother figure in an apron. But thats wrong, for so many reasons. And Kriss knows it. She thinks 55 and sees one of her clients: a woman coming into her own life for perhaps the second time, empowered by a life of experience and surviving, watching her muscles grow, her energy build, her skin glow. This, Kriss asserts, and I believe her, makes women happy.Ive watched medical colleagues perpetuate the myth that female aging is a negative, inevitable process. Even in the face of comprehensive studies that prove otherwise, how many women are told to steer clear of weight training? Nothing could be better for a womans body than careful, focused strength training the "Options" way. Thats where Kriss comes in: where no one else has.Kriss is a storehouse of knowledge in the areas of womens fitness and strength training, and has a deep understanding of womens fears and motivations. Shes brought spirituality and intelligence to "Options" producing a singularly effective program that enables women to get strong and stay strong, inside and out. Shes a womans woman and a trainers trainer: compassionate, passionate, fit and forceful, feminine and feminist, a fitness diva, in a black cat suit and leopard pumps, who embodies ageless strength. Its time the rest of the world to benefit from her immense experience and knowledge, her unique talent for helping women renew their own lives, whether theyre 35 or 85- or beyond.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2014
    • Ano:  2015
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2000851127442
    • ISBN:  9781310493164

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