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    Imagine you are on a cleanse, no wait, a chakra charging adventure. You know exactly what you need to succeed and have multiple tools at your fingertips. Your mind is relaxed from the perfect affirmation, your body and spirit feels energized from the chakra specific yoga, mouth watering, you are about to dive into as much of your favourite sweet fruit as you desire… All you can Eat! …A week later you've done it! You feel electric, more clear minded than you have been in years, you feel light and buoyant, everything fits nicer and you actually desire to eat healthier and simpler from here on out. This isn't Fantasy. The Rainbow Island Cleanse is an inspired mono fruit adventure that offers us the opportunity to really look at our needs, to find out the area's physically mentally and energetically that we could really focus on. The Rainbow Island Cleanse is extremely beneficial for the digestive system, giving it a well-deserved break from the complex meals we normally eat. It's also great for busy people on the go. Fruit is fast, cheap and easy… It truly is the original fast food. How quickly can you cut and eat a watermelon or peel 10 bananas… dinner is served! You'll be surprised at how easy it is and how satisfied you'll be. It saves you time in the kitchen and you gain energy, awareness, clarity and more to do the things you truly love. It’s your Detox Plan to a balanced and vibrant NEW YOU! Some benefits that can be experienced:• lose weight • feel lighter • more energy • clearer mind • physical and emotional detox • more appreciation for simpler foods and how they digest • sharper tastebuds – simple foods will taste better • improved digestion • balanced chakras • learning more about your chakras and how food affects them • higher connection to self and purpose, and strengthened intuition • learn to listen to your body (true hunger, thirst, satiation, etc) • shift in perspective of your relationship with food • eat all that you desire, no calorie counting or restriction • let go of that which does not serve you • experience more happiness, acceptance and inner peace You may have heard of mono-fruit islands like Banana Island or Watermelon Island and thought, 'I couldn't eat ONLY watermelon for 7 days.' The Rainbow Island Cleanse is a mono-fruit cleanse that allows you to choose a different fruit everyday as we go through all the colors of the rainbow. As we progress through the colors of the rainbow with fruit to cleanse our body, we move through the chakras as well, providing you with chakra balancing yoga exercises and affirmations each day. The mind, body and spirit are all connected, when we detox, it happens on all levels. Most cleanses focus on the food/body, the Rainbow Island Cleanse brings focused attention to all areas with affirmations and yoga movements to enhance your cleansing experience, mind, body & chakras. We have turned this hugely successful group cleanse into an easy to use eBook program encompassing everything you need to know for a successful mono-fruit cleanse Here's What You'll Get: A Chakra Quiz – find which chakras need more balancingA Mono-Meal Guide – Mono-meals don't have to be boring!Chakra-specific Yoga Videos for each dayShop the Rainbow Guide to buying produce + a sample shopping listPlenty of examples of of fruits for each chakra colorUplifting Affirmations to increase positive thinking / bring balance to the chakrasDetailed info on each chakra, it's functions and how food affects it.Information on how to detox safely and how to reintroduce foods after a cleanseFull support in our private Facebook GroupBonus Detox activitiesStrengthen your intuition and learn to listen to your bodyand so much more What are you waiting for, ride the rainbow with us to a brighter more in touch and tune vibrant you! :)Wishing you Much PEACELOVENSEASONALFRUIT ck

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      • Ano de Edição: 2017
      • Ano:  2017
      • País de Produção: Canada
      • Código de Barras:  2001119010339
      • ISBN:  9781370549016

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