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What You Need to Know about Healthy FoodsTips on Getting the Full Benefits from Healthy FoodsTable of ContentsTips to Get Full Benefit of Healing FoodsIntroductionOrganically Grown Fresh Green Vegetables.Choosing Vegetables.How to Store Vegetables.Right tips For Boiling VegetablesPressure Cooking.Baking vegetables.Steaming vegetablesSteaming Fish EpisodeCooking Frozen Vegetables.Heating canned vegetables.EggsHow to Store Eggs.Tips on Cooking Eggs.Poached eggsCheeseHow to Store CheeseCottage Cheese SaladCheese and Fruit Tray.Fresh Fruit.Fresh Fruit TipsFrozen, Canned and Dried FruitsFruit CupApplesBaked ApplesApplesauceFish.Cooking Fish the Healthy WayBaked Fish Steaks and FilletsBroiled fish.Baked Stuffed fish.Bread stuffingPoached fish.Court BouillonPan Fried Fish.ConclusionAuthor BioIntroductionWhy were our ancestors so healthy? How did Methuselah live 900 years? How did our ancestors manage spans of longevity, when they were not influenced by wars and disease? Well, the answer is very clear. They were extremely careful about their diet. The ancient wise men advocated a diet of fruit and vegetables, fresh from the trees, and less of high-protein, in the shape of animals, fish and game.Ordinary bread was the easiest way in which man got his quota of cereals every day. This whole wheat or grain bread was cooked on a grill and eaten with vegetables and meat dishes.However, as time went by, man began changing his dietary habits. He started domesticating animals, which included poultry, cattle and other animals from where he could get protein supplements in the shape of meat. And so as time went by, he began concentrating more on meat dishes to add variety to his food, rather than plant products.So as centuries went by, this change in diet slowly and steadily began to have an adverse effect on his health. He started eating less vegetables and fruit, and started concentrating more on protein from animal products. And so his system and physiology began to change accordingly. Nature tried its best to incorporate this change in diet into his natural system. If man had it his way, he would subsist only on meat with less of fruit and vegetables.However, the wise men were still intelligent enough to make man understand that he needed a natural balance of healthy carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, and other essential nutrients, which could not be obtained by eating just a one-sided diet concentrating on just one particular food group.And so they began to tell people more about how necessary it was to eat healthy, beneficial healthy giving foods. These needed to be eaten every day, so that the body could function normally and properly to keep it in proper healthy running condition.Scarcity of these healthy giving foods would give rise to ailments which would weaken the body. Luckily, man was practical enough to understand the wisdom of such knowledge. And that is why down the millenniums we are still eating fruit and vegetables, herbs and spices.You may say that you know how to choose, cook and preserve a number of foods given in this book. But there are still some helpful tips, which are going to come in useful, when preparing healthy meals for your family. Naturally the tips are time tested!So here are some healthy giving and healing foods, which you need to have in your daily diet, to keep you bright eyed and bushy tailed. And naturally, nuts come in this category.Some of these foods are vegetarian and some of them are non-vegetarian. So it depends upon your eating habits, which of them you incorporate in your daily diet. But remember that no food can be compensated with another food.Every single food item in the world has its own unique properties. So if you think that eating lots of honey instead of beetroot sugar is going to keep you healthy, no, that cannot be done, and vice versa.

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