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In Japan, various kinds of disaster can happen at any time. Disasters could be caused by heavy rain storms, snow storms, volcanic eruptions, typhoons and earthquakes which we experience often. In addition to explosions and fire in a nuclear plant and chemical factory accidents, there are disasters caused by humans, such as terrorist attacks.  We can predict in advance for some of these natural disasters.  If we follow the weather forecast and warnings from weather experts, we should be able to protect ourselves by evacuating on time to a safe shelter or by taking necessary prevention measures at home.  However, sometimes disasters such as tornadoes, earthquakes and man caused disasters hit our lives without any warning.  A big earthquake can cause catastrophic damage in a very wide range.   In a major disaster, it might take several days before any rescue efforts arrive to all disaster areas. Therefore, it is necessary for us to be prepared for emergencies and to protect our families, ourselves and also our pets.  Pet owners should be responsible for their pets as much as their family.  Animal Navigation In Case of Emergency (ANICE) has important information for pet owners that could help to save you and your pet’s life.  After 12 years of research and experience at the actual damaged areas, we have gathered valuable information that we would like to share with all pet owners.  The following suggestions could save your pet’s life when disaster strikes.   It’s easy.  Follow the 3 Rs  READY Be ready for a disaster.  Plan in advance and get ready for a disaster.  REFUGE Refuge together.  Take your pets with you. It means to take your pets with you when you are evacuating to a safe place. (It does not necessary mean “Living together with pets at a refuge site.”) Don’t leave them behind. This is for the safety of animals as well as people. In case of a disaster, you need to secure your own and your family’s safety first.  ANICE will keep promoting “Refuge Together with Your Pet” as we have been doing since 2001.  But this becomes possible only after securing your own safety.  RESPONSIBILITY Be a responsible pet owner for society.  Your pet can be the charm or the damage for society.  Disciplined animals will be loved by others but non disciplined animals can harm or can cause stress to other people. You should be responsible to discipline and socialize your pets in daily life so that they also can be good members for society.  We are reaching out to you, animal lovers, in an effort to promote the best way to stay safe and protect yourself, your family and your pets in times of disaster.  NPO ANICE (Animal Navigation In Case of Emergency)

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    • Ano de Edição: 2015
    • Ano:  2015
    • País de Produção: Brazil
    • Código de Barras:  2001082173673
    • ISBN:  1230000363563

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