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(EDIT: THIS BOOK IS NOT LIKE THE OTHER PICKLES THE PARROT BOOKS - IT IS JUST A COLLECTION OF HIS EARLY YEARS OF FACEBOOK POSTS. THE OTHER 3 BOOKS ARE MOSTLY ABOUT LIVING WITH A PARROT (PICKLES) AND ALL THE HUMOUR AND FUN THAT GOES WITH IT. THIS BOOK, PICKLES THE PARROT SPEAKS IS WHAT I WOULD CALL A COFFEE TABLE OR BOOK - ONE THAT YOU WOULD JUST READ A FEW PARAGRAPHS, OR A PAGE AT A TIME.)Excerpt:~ You know what it is that I hate the most? Its not broccoli and its not bananas. No, wait. It is broccoli. I got mixed up. ~~ My navigations a little off since the wing clip. Daddys shoulder was my intended destination as he walked into the room but his crotch was where I crash landed. His PJs arent well cushioned for talons and I didnt mean to grab his nads but I dont know why he carries his baggage on the outside like that. He should tuck it in, like us birds. ~~ If you know someone who is an idiot, you shouldnt keep saying it in front of your parrot and expect your parrot to keep the secret when you invite the idiot over for coffee. Just sayin. ~~ I speak in 3 voices - moms, dads and my own. Nobody knows whos talking to whom around here from another room. Yet, everybody answers to everybody. One day, Im gonna call out "Hey, wanna fool around?" and see if anybody heads toward the bedroom. ~~ Mom was trying to talk to me and I didnt feel like talking so I said "No speaka English" and she said "Yes you do - thats ALL you speak!". I said "No comprendo", she said "Yes you do" so I said "Ich verstehe nicht" then she asked what I wanted for lunch and I said "Potato please". "AHA!" she said. Foiled again. ~~ Ive been particularly talkative and animated today while moms been trying to concentrate on writing her book. I yelled at her and she told me "Put a sock in it!" I liked those words so I started yelling "Sockinit! Sockinit! Sockinit!" Mom got frustrated and hollered "PICKLES!!!!" and I said "Thats my name, dont put a sock in it!" ~~ Mom says I ask too many questions. Whats that supposed to mean? Whats too many? Five? 100? 1000? Dont you think she shouldve told me ahead of time so I dont use them all up? Oh crap - now I’m 6 questions closer to the limit. ~~ This morning, nobody was around so I called out "Anybody home?" And mommy answered, "Nobody home but us mice!" I was surprised that mice could talk but at least I had company. I went looking for said mice but got distracted by a pop can. ~~ Mom wasnt happy about being down on her knees cleaning under my cage and she said she lost something. "What?" I said, "Not my little pink piggy?!" She said, "No, Ive lost my dignity". "Oh" I said, "Cuz I really need that little piggy." ~~ When I die and go to the Pearly Gates to be judged, Im gonna snap all those pearls off the gates and play with them. I hope that doesnt influence their decision. ~

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2011
    • Ano:  2015
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001027943620
    • ISBN:  9781466175846

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