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From the man who pioneered the concept of feelings-based animal care-a revolutionary work about animal moods and emotions that shows us a totally new way to view and care for the beloved pets who share our lives. In this ground-breaking work, veterinarian and animal theorist Dr. Frank McMillan uses a wide variety of examples from his own practice with scores of scientific studies to construct a striking-and extraordinarily logical-depiction of the way your pet's mind works. Dr. McMillan presents a comprehensive look at how physical and emotional feelings are at the controls in guiding your animal's actions, from wanting to go for a walk to hiding from the vacuum cleaner to limping on a sore leg. Understanding the importance of your pet's feelings, according the Dr. McMillan, is the key to unlocking the animal mind. Dr. McMillan shows readers: What the Pet Pleasure Principle is and why your pet wants you to always use it as your main guide in caring for him or her Why feelings are the only things that your pet cares about How profound an influence the mind has on every aspect of an animal's health The importance of the Comfort Zone and how to help your pet reach it and stay in it Why boredom can be devastating to your pet's emotional health and how to relieve it What "stress" really is and how to give your pet the tools to deal with it in his or her life Why the best veterinary medical care is based on your pet's feelings Why a Safe Haven is the single most important factor for your pet's emotional well-being How to determine your pet's quality of life and ways to maximize it For the 152 million people in the United States living with pets, Dr. McMillan explains why understanding your pet's feelings is essential for making every decision affecting his or her life, such as upbringing, conflicts with other animals, health care, and even the heartbreaking choice of euthanasia. He shows how feelings-based care offers your pet the greatest opportunity to enjoy the happiest, healthiest, and most emotionally fulfilled life possible.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2004
    • Ano:  2013
    • País de Produção: United States
    • Código de Barras:  2001121567852
    • ISBN:  9781609616151

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